Homemade Fruit Yoghurt

If you have dreamed of your own fruit yoghurt with no sugar added to it then look no further than your own kitchen! Yes it is that easy to prepare and best of all to eat the flavours you enjoy. I have been making these for a few years now and find that they also double up very nicely as a great dessert. So indulgent that you will not look at the shop concoctions any longer!

All you need is some frozen fruit , plain live yoghurt of your choice and time ahead to prepare them.

I am recycling some Nutella jars here as I find them handy with their covers but feel free to use any containers you may have.

Recycled glass jars with covers

Fill them with a plain live yoghurt of your choice, preferably one which has nothing added to it except live cultures as these are very good for your digestive system.

Fill jars with your choice of plain live yoghurt

Frozen fruit is absolute treasure as it can be used whenever you want and in whichever amounts you need it, there is absolutely no wastage. You can freeze your own in summer when it is plentiful as it keeps so well.

Frozen fruits of your choice

Add your choice of frozen fruit to the yoghurt pots.

Top the plain live yoghurt with frozen fruit

Now if you like another dimension to your fruit yoghurt, then a little crunch is a welcome addition. My easy granola makes a welcome addition to this raspberry yoghurt. If you find raspberries a little tart then a drizzle of runny honey balances the flavours beautifully!

Top with some home made easy granola

Blueberries I simply love and with some sunflower seeds sprinkled on, it is simply divine.

Sunflower seeds give a lovely crunch to a blueberry yoghurt

I do like tropical flavours so it just has to be some mango with the crunch provided by a sprinkle of pumpkin seeds!

Pumpkin seeds sprinkled onto mango yoghurt

Have a go at making your own fruit yoghurts, they are easy to make and adapt to your own flavours. Make them the a day or two ahead as they keep beautifully for this time and if you like to keep the crunch then add the sprinkles only when you are going to eat your delicious fruit yoghurt!

What’s your favourite?

Simply give a little while for the frozen fruit to thaw .. why not have a go at your own flavours!


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