Chives in an Omelette

The beautiful green from the chives in my garden this month is very inspiring when it comes to my cooking. After the cold dull days of winter, March brings in the welcome warmth and sunshine to not only the garden but also to my kitchen!

Chives springing to life in my garden

Chives have a light onion flavour which is very fresh in taste, especially when just picked from the garden. I find a pair of scissors are very helpful in snipping chives as they do not damage the rest of the plant. Once rinsed in cold water, chives can be thrown into a salad, sandwich or to garnish a soup or stew.

I have chosen chives to flavour my omelette to which I am also adding asparagus and Portobello mushrooms.

Asparagus, Portobello mushrooms and fresh Chives

I washed and sliced the asparagus spears into small pieces and diced the  Portobello mushrooms after lightly dusting them with a damp kitchen towel. Mushrooms do not require washing and can absorb unnecessary water which can be a problem when you are cooking them.

All the vegetables chopped and eggs are seasoned ready for cooking

The chopped chives have been added to the eggs with seasoning. Once all this is ready, place a small non-stick pan on medium heat and place a tablespoon of olive oil to warm up and a touch of butter if you fancy. Add the chopped asparagus to the pan and cook lightly for a minute before adding the diced mushrooms. Stir and cook for another couple of minutes and then add the whisked eggs.

I prefer to let the eggs cook covered on medium heat for a few minutes to allow the base to set before popping the pan under a medium hot grill till it’s lightly golden. This doesn’t take long and it is good to keep an eye on it!

Hot slice of vegetable omelette with fresh chives

The finished result can then be sliced and enjoyed hot, yum! Or eaten cold as packed lunch the next day with a green salad where it tastes more like a quiche but without the crust!

To be enjoyed with a green salad for lunch like a quiche without the crust

Or sandwiched in pitta pockets!

Packed in pitta pockets for a grab and go lunch!

This is a versatile recipe in which you can add a variety of vegetables that you love or have at hand, with fresh herbs such as chives adding a beautiful element to enhance the flavour. Try it out this spring as a quick hot meal or an easy to prepare ahead lunch!

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