Beautiful Spring Harvest

Spring has brought a lovely lush to my raised bed where my purple sprouting broccoli and kale have been living over the cold winter months! Just a couple of weeks ago, I was so excited to see the first flowering of the sprouting broccoli.

First show of flowers on the purple sprouting broccoli plants

In the same raised bed, my green and purple kale has also come to life and almost trying to compete with the broccoli with its lovely crisp foliage that I have now been harvesting for the past few weeks and it keeps on giving!

Green and purple kale so lush

So there is no question as to what I might harvest from my garden this week! Crisp young kale again and for the first time, the majestic florets of purple sprouting broccoli for our lunch today …

Harvested crisp kale and purple sprouting broccoli from the raised bed

When greens are this fresh and vibrant, it would be a crime to cook it in a dish where it is either gets hidden, masked by other ingredients or even overcooked! I simply want to celebrate the flavour of my first harvest of purple sprouting broccoli and therefore have steamed it in a pan (yes a wide pan) with a few tablespoons of water on a medium heat, covering it with a tight lid. I have sprinkled some lemon thyme leaves as I love the flavour and a little seasoning. Steaming only takes a few minutes at the most so that not only is the deep green and purple colour preserved but a light crunch is also retained with the water all disappearing. All that is left to do now is to enjoy the purple sprouting broccoli with perhaps just a little drizzle of extra virgin olive oil ..or a dot of butter to melt on the top if you prefer, making it a beautiful side dish!

Lightly steamed and flavoured purple sprouting broccoli, yum!

Now, to put everything together for those kale falafels ….

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