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You’d like to start a garden but not sure how? Well you have come to the right place. I will show you how you can overcome problems so that you too can grow your own salads, herbs, vegetables and flowers.

Problems in Starting your Garden

So these might be some of the issues that you are facing:

Small Garden: “Couldn’t really grow much in here, could I?”

Large garden: “I wouldn’t even know where to start, plus it sounds like a very big commitment!”

Difficult soil conditions: “I’ve tried to grow from seeds and nothing happened” or “I grew some plants I bought from the shops but they didn’t grow well.”

Too many weeds: “My garden is covered with weeds and it’s too much work to take them out.”

Slugs and snails: “Whenever I try to plant anything, the slugs and snails gobble it all up! What’s the point?”

No garden, just a concrete outdoor space: “I haven’t even got a garden, can’t grow anything on a concrete block, can you?”

Just a small balcony: “I would love to but I am living in an apartment on the fourth floor, so no garden I’m afraid. If I had a house, I would think about gardening.”

No time: “I dream about growing my own fresh herbs and salads, but I am too busy at work and no time for watering. Perhaps I will be able to garden when I retire!”

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How to Start your Garden

First of all, I have had several of these problems myself. However, I have overcome them to successfully grow herbs, vegetables, salads and flowers with beautiful harvests for several years now. None of the above should stop you from starting your own garden.

I would say the greatest solution that helped me was how I grew my vegetables and salads.


I picked up this book and think my gardening journey changed forever!

Grow All You Can in Three Square Feet

Start your garden raised bed planters book small beginner_grow-with-hema

This showed me how I could work with raising the growing area and that solved so many of the issues I was having. I was plagued with very heavy clay soil, slugs by the dozen eating up anything that even germinated and not having much time to spend in the garden.

Start your garden with RAISED BEDS

Raised beds are a dream for gardening as you can start without any weeding required. We placed the timber frame and fixed it onto a patch of grass at the bottom of the garden. The wood we used was safely preserved for horticulture use (I’ve written more about this at the end of the post). Lining the frame before you add your fresh soil helps to stops the weeds or grass getting through. You can readmy post about how I started here.

raised bed garden_grow-with-hema
My raised bed garden

The raised beds walls contain the fresh new soil easily and you can plant your vegetables a lot more closely in this rich base. This means that even in a small bed, you have the potential for large harvests!

In summer, these have been filled with onions, beetroot, radishes, beans, cucumbers with edible flowers dotted around!

Onions growing raised bed_grow-with-hema
Onions growing with the nasturtiums at the corners of the raised bed

In winter, I tend to fill them with spinach and kale with the summer sown beetroot giving them company!

Winter spinach beet growing_grow-with-hema
Spinach beet happily growing in winter months

I would encourage you to start small as I did as this will improve your confidence in gardening. I had only one bed when I began and the rest of course, has become successful history!

My beds were constructed by my other half who loves DIY but this is not a necessary skill at all if you’d like to start your garden!

There are several great raised beds that are available in garden centres and online. I have selected this one for you to give you an idea:

Wooden Raised Bed

Wooden raised bed growing vegetables_grow-with-hema
These come in different sizes to suit your outdoor space!

Start your Garden with PLANTERS

Planters were new to me when I started gardening but they have become my new favourites on the patio. So if you only have a small outdoor space, these will be perfect for growing your fresh herbs, salads, vegetables and flowers.

Wood planters_grow-with-hema
Aubergines and chillies growing on my patio

You may be using pots but the reason I prefer planters is that they need watering less often as they contain more soil in them. Also, you can grow a variety of plants in just one or two planters.

So here are some that could be great for your small outdoor space:

Handmade Wooden Planters

Strong wooden planters growing vegetables_grow-with-hema
Sturdy and robust wooden planters that come in several different sizes!

Hexagon Wooden Planter

Hexagon wooden planter growing herbs_grow-with-hema
Pretty and fits into even the smallest space, perfect for herbs, salads and tomatoes

A great recommendation from my experience is to have them mobile. Then you can move them around easily, depending on the weather, season and sunshine. My planters have wheels underneath and they have been a treasure when it comes to reorganising my patio from summer to winter and the other way round!

Planter Trolleys 

planter trolley_grow-with-hema
Place your planter on this before filling it up

You can buy these planter trolleys for placing underneath your planters. This way, no matter how heavy your planters get once they have wet soil and plants growing in them, you can still move them around easily.


Trugs are planters on legs to give them height. These are great if bending down is an issue and offer easy gardening while standing or sitting. Salads and herbs grow very easily in trugs. However, you may need to water daily in the summer months as they can become dry quicker due to a shallower level of soil.


I use weed free permeable lining to line the inner part of the wooden planters and raised beds. This is great as it allows the water to drain out easily, while protecting the wood from getting too damp.

Weed Free Fabric Lining

Weed free fabric lining garden_grow-with-hema
Lining protects the wood from getting too damp

Start Your Own Garden!

Lots of suggestions here for you get started so have fun gardening this season!

Ensure that the wooden raised beds, planters or trugs that you buy have used a preservative that is safe for gardening (horticultural use) and growing food. I have kept this in mind when making the above selections for you.

Tanalised E wood preservative has been approved for horticultural use in earth retaining vegetable beds. You can read more about it in this link: Horticulture safe wood preservation

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