Spring Flowers – easy to grow colours!

Daffodil Tulip Spring flowers_grow-with-hema

Spring flowers are a real treasure and so easy to grow! They bloom just as the cold grey days of winter are ending, making these colours a real joy. And the best part is that once you sow the bulbs and corms, which is in late autumn in the UK, you have to do nothing else … not even watering!

No garden needed either although you can plant loads if you did. Pots, planters and window boxes are perfect too.

So are you joining me this autumn in sowing some spring colours?

How to Plant Spring Flowers

I love to grow daffodils, tulips and anemones as they are easy, very pretty and long flowering.

Daffodils and Tulips

There are lots of varieties of both daffodils and tulips, ranging in colours, forms and size. I’d encourage you to look for what you love from the selections that are available in your local garden centres or online. Just as important is to consider the space you have available. Miniature daffodils are perfect for small pots and window boxes whereas y larger varieties will be great for gardens and larger planters.

Daffodil tulip bulbs
Daffodil and Tulip Bulbs

Planting in your garden

You can plant your bulbs in a particular design or in a natural pattern where you throw your bulbs on the ground and plant them exactly where they land!

The drainage of your soil is the most important factor for growing these lovelies successfully.

I’m blessed with heavy clay which as you can imagine has very poor drainage. I have found that adding horticultural grit to the planting hole does the trick. You can find horticultural grit at most garden centres. Simply dig a hole to the depth stated on the bulb packet, add a handful of grit and drop the bulb in with the pointy end facing upwards. Cover with some multi-purpose compost and that’s it. The reason I use multipurpose compost is to avoid more compaction by the clay soil on top.

If your soil is fairly loose and crumbly, then you simply need to dig a hole to the right depth and plant your bulb and cover. Again no need to water.

I love to mix them up so I’ll plant both the tulips and daffodils randomly in the same space. This is purely down to personal taste and you are free to create your own display, it’s about having fun!

Then, it’s a case of watching them pop up in very early spring …

Planting in containers

You can also plant these in pots, planters and window boxes. Top tip for you would be to make sure that the containers have adequate drainage holes at the bottom so that rain water can escape easily. Otherwise, the pool of water at the bottom can easily rot the bulbs.


These are a real treasure in early spring! Vivid pops of colour that are a pretty addition to your garden, balcony, patio or window box.

Autumn is the perfect time to start these off and it is helpful to soak these corms before planting them. You can soak them for a few hours to overnight.

Spring flowers anemones corms_grow-with-hema
Spring anemone corms
Spring flowers anemone corms_grow-with-hema
It helps to soak the anemone corms before sowing them

Well drained soil is helpful, so if you have heavy clay as I do, plant them as the daffodils and tulips above. Containers need to have adequate holes at the bottom to allow good drainage, but apart from that no other care is needed.

Lots of colours and different varieties are available so definitely pick the ones that wins your heart!

Daffodils, tulips and anemones are great ways of guaranteeing bright happy colours in spring and almost effortless once you’ve done the hard work of choosing the varieties!

So whether you have a tiny outdoor space or a large garden, you can start your spring colours this autumn. A handful of bulbs is all it will take.

Spring Flowers in the Garden Border

You can also plant plenty of colour in your garden that will splash back every spring. Shrubs that will grow larger every year in your perennial border like Magnolia and Forsythia. Magnolia will eventually become a tree and well worth growing for its beautiful blooms which are also known to be edible .. no I have not tasted them yet!

Spring magnolia flowers_grow-with-hema
Magnolia blooms in spring!

From white to varying shades of pink, there is a range of Magnolia for you to pick from.

Forsythia is a gorgeous shrub that blooms profusely in early winter. It becomes covered in bright yellow blooms before the green leaves appear. A real eye-catcher when we have had enough of the dull grey months of winter!

Spring forsythia flowers_grow-with-hema
Bright Forsythia Flowers in my garden border

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