Gardening Journey – from Lisa’s childhood to now!

plants growing in pots planters next to greenhouse

Continuing the gardening journey series, I am happy to present Lisa’s gardening story, which began in her childhood. Lisa relates all her gardening ventures on Instagram (@lousous ), very well known for her Baby Boos, delicious baked goodies and a great sense of humour!

All photos belong to Lisa and thank you for sharing them.

Start of Lisa’s Gardening Journey

My love of gardening began when my dad gave me a tiny square of garden at the end of his long vegetable bed in our garden. I was soon growing radishes, spring onions and easy vegetables under the large sycamore tree.

I cannot remember how old I was but I was only little! We also had a greenhouse that my dad had made from hunter gathered pieces of wood …we were not allowed back home if we did not bring a piece of wood!!

Dad was not happy when I took over his greenhouse and then the shed when I was thrown out as I made him say a password to enter after reading Secret Seven books!! I also dressed it with ornaments and curtains; this is probably where my love of faffing and collecting vintage wears began.

My first gardens

My first house only had a tiny garden but I loved it and planted it with lots of flowers and shrubs. We then moved and the garden was a lot bigger. It was a new garden so we planted it up as we wanted; we even came third in a national newspaper magazine!

I still carried on growing vegetables but when we bought some chickens, things had to change. We ended up with no weeds but also no lower plants except peonies and daffodils which the chickens did not like. We decided to grow our vegetables in pots in the side garden. I had a potting shed and the chickens thought it was chicken heaven if they managed to get through the side gate.

Lisa’s Present Garden and Plot

After 25 years, we left this garden with all its lovely quince, medlars and shrubs that we had loved to downsize to a little bungalow.

The bungalow has a tiny garden covered in slate with box hedging and a dry stone wall. I filled it with large pots and grew vegetables and flowers in them until we got our allotment.

So in our gardening journey, Plot 1 is our allotment that we have now had for nearly two years. We love it and it is about 150 square yards. It came with 5 mature fruit trees, raspberries and rhubarb and enough rubbish and weeds that took us 3 months to clear!

garden plot weeds work needed_grow-with-hema
Before …
Gardening journey Tidy plot growing vegetables flowers_grow-with-hema
… and after!

It was hard work and still is but we love it. We have lots of different shaped beds and large planters, an old rickety greenhouse and an old tin shed.

Lisa’s Favourites to Grow from Her Gardening Journey

gardening journey Baby pumpkins harvest in wooden tray with a sign Plot 1_grow-with-hema
Baby Boos harvested from Plot 1

I love growing everything but now have my favourites, which are pumpkins, mainly the gorgeous little baby boos and giant onions.

Different varieties of onions harvest in trays and bag on a wooden bench_grow-with-hema
Onions and garlic harvests from summer

Recently, I have also got into showing my vegetables at local shows so I am looking forward to that next year. I will not be growing brassicas again after whitefly!!! I said I would not grow brassicas when I got the plot after picking caterpillars off my dad’s cabbages, but I was too polite to say no when some plot holders offered me some.

Having an allotment has been one of the best things we have ever done. I do the planting and growing while my husband does the weeding and tidying!

gardening journey potting shed seeds fruit harvests gardening tools_grow-with-hema

We have made lots of new friends through having an allotment and also through Instagram, where everyone is always there for you to offer advice, support or just chat. A lovely friendly, kind group of friends is important.

Lisa’s Tips for New Gardeners …

My best advice to new gardeners is growing what you love and do a bit at a time. If something fails it does not matter, a garden or allotment is a work in progress and it will change from year to year. Just enjoy and remember to sit and enjoy it.

I hope you enjoy reading my story, always lots to talk about with gardening!

plants growing in pots planters next to greenhouse_grow-with-hema

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  1. Steve Newland says: Reply

    Lovely story and great to learn more about Lisa’s journey. Thanks Hema

    1. Hi Steve,
      Great to hear you enjoyed it and thank you to Lisa for sharing it! More stories on their way…

  2. Jane @plot_life_ says: Reply

    Thanks for sharing this, it’s wonderful to hear the stories behind our favourite squares on the grid!

    1. Absolutely agree with you Jane! Inspiring to hear the journeys of fellow gardeners and how we can learn so much from each other too!

  3. Thanx Hema, several years ago I was wondering how people do in mild weather to plant! Now, I will follow your posts. I think is interesting to know more about other cultures! Regards from Venezuela

    1. Hi Davis, our growing season in indeed quite short and that is why we have to start sowing seeds indoors and then transplant them outside once frost has gone. We do have vegetables like kale, leeks, broccoli and garlic growing outdoors during our winter months too.

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