How to Grow Radishes – tips for success!

three red radishes with leaves on them are lying on the ground next to some other plants_how to grow radishes

I have decided to write this post today on how to grow radishes successfully. This is following all the questions that have come through on my Instagram account. So for everyone who would like to grow crisp fleshy, peppery bulbs, here is a guide for you!

How to grow radishes

Radishes grow quickly compared to other vegetables, especially root vegetables. Depending on the weather conditions, they could be ready in 5-7 weeks! They are a great root vegetable to start with in early spring. I start sowing my radish seeds here in London in late March, when there is little else that can be sown outdoors.

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Choosing your seeds

Buy a packet of radish seeds that you’d like grow – check the flavour of the radishes by looking at the description on the seed packet. Some are more peppery than others. This is a great vegetable to grow with children, but you may want to choose a less peppery variety for them. This comes from experience as my children and my young nephews and nieces find the peppery ones too strong for their taste.

I love growing this variety. I have found this radish grows reliably and is crisp with a light peppery flavour. It also doesn’t get too woody if left in the ground for longer.

Radish Seeds

How to grow radishes – sowing your seeds

Radishes love a sunny or part-sunny spot.  Sow seeds in a prepared raised bed or container. I like to use a mixture of multipurpose compost and topsoil in my raised beds and containers. If you just sprinkle seeds into your garden soil, you may not have good growth or fleshy radishes. If you are using a container, make sure that it has holes at the bottom so that extra water can easily drain away.

Follow the instructions on the packet regarding the depth and space to keep in between and keep them watered.

How to grow radishes – thinning seedlings

Your radish seedlings should pop up within a week or two depending on the weather and keep them well watered. Then, these radish seedlings will need thinning. This means that you remove some the seedlings to prevent overcrowding. This allows the remaining radishes to grow well and flesh out easily.

hand pulling out a small seedling from a row of seedlings how to grow radishes
Pull the extra radish seedlings out carefully

These extra seedlings that you pull out are all edible. They can be added to salads or eaten on their own as micro-greens!

How to grow radishes – harvesting radishes

These root vegetables are ready to harvest within the short space of 5 to 6 weeks after sowing seeds if the weather is warm. However, cooler conditions will add another week or too before they are ready. You will see the red radishes popping up a little out of the compost … almost peeping out! Then gently pull out the ones that are bigger and leave the rest growing.

three red radishes with leaves on them are lying on the ground next to some other plants
My first radishes this year!

I hope you will be giving radishes a go this year, easy to grow with children and in small spaces too! And if you have a big harvest, did you know you could also roast radishes? Here is one roasted radish recipe for you to try!

How to Preserve Homegrown Radishes

As we had a very hot start to summer this year, I had to harvest many radishes in one go! Well this gave me the opportunity to learn how to preserve them. I must admit this process was painless and the result was delicious. Check my post out on how I preserved my radishes and no vinegar in sight.

homegrown radishes preserved easy recipe_grow-with-hema
My jar of easy to preserve radish pickles!

Buy Radish Seeds

Radish Seeds

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