Growing Ginger – easy to grow indoors!

Ginger growing sprout_grow-with-hema

Growing ginger is a very rewarding journey. Let’s say that it is perfect for the more patient gardener and if you aren’t, then ginger will help you develop the patience needed! Ginger grows into a beautiful plant that not only has edible roots but the most fragrant edible leaves too.

It is a slow growing plant. Here in the UK, I have found that it is easier to start it indoors in January and February before moving it outdoors in the warmer summer months.

I start with buying fresh root ginger. This is best done from a garden centre or shop where it is specifically sold for growing. I prefer using organically grown ginger, although it can be tricky to source. Once you’ve grown it however you can use part of your harvest to plant again!

I’ll be starting again this January again so hope you will join me in the #gingergrowalong on Instagram @growwithhema

I’ll be adding more details to the guide too!

Ginger growing sprout_grow-with-hema
First ginger shoot!
growing ginger container_grow-with-hema
Ginger in my cold greenhouse

8 Replies to “Growing Ginger – easy to grow indoors!”

  1. Thank you most encouraging and helpful. It’s my first year growing ginger and hope it won’t be my last

    1. Hi Marie,

      That’s great and let’s look forward to some fresh ginger this year!


  2. Hello! I’m new to your blog and loving it already. Quick question on ginger. When is it ready for harvest and how do you do it? Thanks!

    1. Hi Sarah, thank you so much! Ginger grows for about 8-10 months and then the foliage and stems start to wilt and bend. This is a sign that it is ready to be harvested. However, if your ginger is thriving, you can still snap off a small piece of the root leaving the rest to grow. Hope this helps!

  3. Hi Hema, thanks for your ideas and advice, I’m going to try growing ginger this year. As it likes high humidity, might it grow well in a polytunnel all summer? Thanks a lot

    1. Hi Kate! Great to hear you’re growing ginger and yes it should do well in the poly tunnel. Not sure if you’re in the UK, but as long as your nights are not too cold. Definitely start it indoors and then you can move it into your poly tunnel. Enjoy growing it and would love to know how it grows!

  4. Hi Hema,
    Thank you for the step by step guide in how to grow ginger. I have 2 questions. 1st, what size pot would you use if you were transplanting and 2and do you use any fertilizer/plant food? Thank you

    1. Hi Farzana! I’d use a pot that is 25-30cm in depth and just as wide. A planter that is wider is even better. I use diluted seaweed extract but you can also use an organic slow release plant food. Hope this helps!

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