Growing Cucumbers Outdoors – Tips for Success

Growing cucumbers outdoors is great in the summer months. You can grow cucumbers in the smallest of outdoor spaces like a balcony, front door step or a little corner of a patio. You will need a sunny sheltered spot for your cucumber plants to be happy! There are a few more requirements for successful cucumber harvests. Let me share a few tips and tricks from my experience.

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There are a few requirements for successful cucumber harvests and I will share a few tips and tricks from my experience.

Tips for Growing Cucumbers Successfully Outdoors

Cucumber plants grow best in sunny conditions and as such are grown indoors till the weather warms up. In addition there is always the danger of frosty or chilly nights till around mid-May in the UK.

  1. However, the young cucumber plants need to get used to the outdoor weather. To do this, I move the plants outdoors in a bright sheltered space in the daytime and bring them in at night again. This is called hardening and it is a very important step for the transition of plants grown indoors for their final planting outdoors. You can read more about hardening in this post.
several plants with large leaves in pots on a paved area with the sun shining on them. growing cucumbers outdoors.
Young cucumber plants enjoying the outdoors in the daytime!
  1. Once the danger of frosty or chilly nights is over, these young cucumber plants can be grown outdoors. Choose a sheltered sunny spot as these plants grow best in the sunshine!
  2. Prepare the soil well for cucumber plants. I use a mixture of multipurpose compost, with a little topsoil and horticultural grit added to improve the drainage.
  3. Growing cucumbers outdoors can be easy in a prepared bed or in a pots and planters. Ensure that the container is clean and has holes at the bottom that will help good water drainage.
  4. Finally, plant flowers like nasturtiums, calendula and french marigolds nearby to bring in those all important bees for good pollination, which will help the cucumbers to form.
  5. Once the flowers appear, a weekly dose of diluted tomato feed or seaweed extract will be perfect in supplying the nutrients needed by these growing plants!

Growing vertically

Small spaces are great for growing cucumbers as they are easy to grow vertically. This year I am using this set up in my raised bed.

Cucumber growing vertically outdoors
My trellis for the cucumber plants to grow vertically

Previously, I have grown 3 plants successfully in one part of my raised bed, with lots of cucumbers all summer long!

You will need a trellis or like me, use a handmade one shown in the picture below. It is easy to make with four pieces of wood fixed to form a frame, with hessian string to support the cucumbers plants!

Growing cucumbers outdoors_grow-with-hema
Young cucumber plants growing up the handmade trellis

Then, I have simply propped the frame at a slant with another piece of wood.

a long piece of wood propping up a trellis made of wooden frame with hessian string web. some plants are climbing up this frame.
A piece of wood to prop the main trellis at a slant

I hope you have a sunny spot for growing cucumbers this summer and would definitely encourage you to try growing them vertically!

Lots of large green leaved climbers growing up a slanted wooden frame with a web of string inside.
Cucumber plants loving their upward journey in the summer months!

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  2. Hello. Does the frame have to be at a slant?? I have already made my trellis and planted the cucumbers but there is no slant the trellis is very vertically upright.

    1. Hi Sami! As long as your trellis is supported and sturdy, it’s fine. Mine is leaning to be supported by a simple plank and it also makes the most of the sunshine!

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