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I love growing chives in my garden! You may ask why and I’d say it is this is one easy herb to grow, perfect for someone who is beginning to learn how to garden. Chives are robust perennials, which means that once they are planted they will keep coming back every year. They tend to sleep in the winter months and as soon as spring arrives, chives wake up with their beautiful green shoots!

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Chives popping up again in spring!

Chives are Delicious

All spring, summer and autumn, I have an endless supply of chives. This is just as well, because I tend to snip them into any dish I can. They have a tasty flavour of onions without the harsh sharpness, just a delightful sweet flavour. Growing your own chives also means that you can pick this fresh herb whenever you need it and none is wasted.

I snip chives into salads, soups, curries, pasta, sandwiches, wraps and lately on sourdough pizzas! Chives are delicious in fluffy egg omelettes and frittata, adding just the right touch of sweet onion flavour to them.

Chive flowers

Chives have the most gorgeous lilac coloured flowers in spring! I love the purple splashes of colour in my raised beds and on my patio. The bees are simply in heaven with these blooms and you can see why from the pictures below!

growing chives edible flowers_grow-with-hema
Homegrown chive flowers, so pretty and edible!

Chive flowers are also edible so you can easily pick their young blooms. You may want to give them a few dips in cold water to rinse them out. Then, pluck out the little florets to sprinkle on your salad, sandwich filling or even soups. I love making an infused vinegar with these floral beauties. Chive flowers give the vinegar a very tasty onion flavour and even better, a very pretty colour. A perfect ingredient for making those summer salad dressings! Read all about how I made mine in this Chive Flower Infused Vinegar post.


 chives flowers infused vinegar_grow-with-hema
Delicious and fragrant chive flower infused vinegar

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Growing Chives

From Seeds

Chive seeds

You can grow this tasty herb indoors from seeds all year round. Simply sprinkle the seeds onto fresh new multipurpose compost in a pot or tub, which has some holes at the bottom for good drainage. Follow the instructions on your chive seed packet and it will be best to position your pot on a bright windowsill.

It is even easier to sow seeds outdoors in spring where you’d like to grow chives. They can be grown in pots, planters, window boxes, raised beds and even garden borders. They are not fussy but they do love basking in some sunshine!

From Plants

I have grown mine from a pot of chives that Linda, a friend of mine gave me many years ago. This is the easiest way to add chives to your garden or pots as you can start harvesting them almost immediately. Also, by late autumn or the following spring, you can split the plants to divide them. This means you will be able to plant them in several places as well as share them with friends and family. Think my plants have travelled far and wide already!


Collecting Seeds

You can easily collect chive seeds from the flowers that start to fade and dry. They are small and black, very similar to onion seeds. Watch them carefully as they can easily be blown away or drop nearby for more plants. Chives are extremely good at self-seeding and great news for you if you love lots of chives.

So I hope you will be adding chives this season to your garden too!

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