Growing Chillies – how to start from seeds

growing chillies cayenne_grow-with-hema

Growing chillies from seeds might seem like hard work but so worth it! You can choose which variety you would like to grow which is a real privilege. This is because there is whole range of chillies with variations in colour, shape and most of all .. its heat level. As they say some like it hot and some not so! The heat of chillies is determined by measuring their capsaicin levels, in units called Scoville Heat Units (SHU). The higher the levels of capsaicin, the hotter the chillies. If you’d love to read more about this, then pop over to Chilli Pepper Madness

So growing from seeds allows you the freedom to choose your heat level, the display factor and the joy of harvesting fresh chillies not available even in the shops.

I’ll be sowing seeds to start my chillies again in February 2022 so come along and join in the fun on Instagram @growwithhema

I’ll be adding more details to the step-by-step guide too!


lemon drop aji limon uk_grow-with-hema
Lemon drop chillies ripening to yellow
Growing chillies jalepenos_grow-with-hema
Fresh Jalepeno chillies!
harvest cayenne_grow-with-hema
Cayenne chillies freshly harvested!
Basket of fire_grow-with-hema
Basket of Fire chillies ripening

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