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I have been looking at some great garden gift ideas as the festive season begins. The days are getting colder here and the garden is resting. A great time therefore to gift a gardening friend, family or even for yourself!

A gift can be a real starting point for a garden or for transforming one. Isn’t it the little things in life that become our greatest inspiration?

So I have been looking at some gifts that will be useful for years to come.  They will also inspire whoever receives it to enjoy their gardening, from young children to experienced gardeners!

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Lots of ideas here and more on: Hema’s Gift Selection

Garden Gift Ideas for Children

Children of all ages love playing in the garden. No matter how old they are, they will happily watch us gardening and will want to mimic what we do! Observation after all is the best teacher, isn’t it? So I have found a great Gardening Belt Tool Kit that young children would love.

Of course if they already had some tools, then why not surprise them with some gloves of their own. Watch their look of delight as they feel a little more grown up now for owning a pair of their own Junior Gardening Gloves!

Garden gifts_grow-with-hema
For those enthusiastic little hands!

Children are curious individuals and a hotel for bugs and insects is perfect to feed their curiosity. They can watch how the insects arrive and leave as they play in the garden. A Bug Hotel is also great for the garden or balcony as it attracts a variety of beneficial insects, thereby encouraging wildlife and helping to balance the ecosystem in your outdoor space.

Garden gift ideas bug hotel_grow-with-hema
Easy to add to any garden or balcony!

Books for Children

Children love watching birds. A walk in the park, on a local nature trail, in the garden or a balcony can offer a great chance to observe birds. This First Book of Garden Birds by the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds (RSPB) will help them to identify the birds they see. It is beautifully illustrated, informative and fun to share!

garden gift ideas children bird book rspb_grow-with-hema
Beautiful and informative, great for the whole family to share! 

Talking about books, why not add some on gardening too! Books can provide real inspiration to children to start their own seeds, nurture a pot of plants and eat more fresh greens and fruits. This is a Kitchen Garden Book, produced in association with Royal Botanic Gardens at Kew, which shows children how to grow and eat fresh harvests from their garden.

garden gift ideas children book_grow-with-hema
Inspire children to grow and eat their vegetables!

Another fabulous addition to your children’s bookshelf is Annabelle Padwick’s You Can Grow Your Own Food. It has easy to grow and eat projects that will inspire your children to have a go this spring.

Of course, stories can also be a real encouragement for gardening and this thought-provoking book may just be the starting point. Plants are a sign of hope for the future and this book A Child’s Garden brings real inspiration, for parents and carers alike to share with their little ones … I love it!

garden gift ideas children book_grow-with-hema
A great book to inspire the young and old to garden!

Garden Gift Ideas for the Garden Beginner

Now you may say that you are only a beginner, and I will say I have just the gift for you! This is where my vegetable gardening journey began and I would love to share the secret – a book that was to change my own garden. Grow All You Can Eat  gives you all the basic information that you will need to start your own garden or build on your current patch.

Garden gift ideas dk grow all you can eat_grow-with-hema
My starting point and makes a great gift!

How to Garden When You’re New to Gardening by the Royal Horticultural Society may also be a very helpful start.

garden gift ideas how to garden rhs_grow-with-hema
For Absolute Beginners! 

Beginning a garden would also need a few treasured tools in addition to these guiding books. This sturdy Stainless Steel Hand Tools set will last you for many years to come.

Garden gift ideas gardening tools set_grow-with-hema
Strong and sturdy tools for your garden

Lots more on Hema’s Gift Selection!

Garden Gift Ideas for Balconies and Small Spaces

Of course you can grow your herbs, salads, vegetables and fruits even without a garden! Small patios, outdoor areas or balconies can provide a great place for gardening. Lots of ideas to get you, your friends and family dreaming with this Small Space Gardening by the Royal Horticultural Society, and The Edible Balcony!

garden gift ideas rhs small space gardening book_grow-with-hema
A great little starter!
garden gift ideas edible balcony_grow-with-hema
Growing food couldn’t be easier!

Garden Gift Ideas for Gardeners

Well it’s no surprise but gardeners love seeds, sometimes even more than people. I am only telling you this so that you will always be their favourite! As the festive period is near, why not give the New Seed Box which is collection of seeds!

garden gift ideas seed box gardeners_grow-with-hema
A whole selection of seeds!

Sowing seeds is magic as any gardener will tell you! Most gardening friends and family members are pretty good at this but I have found this fabulous Wooden Dibber Set that will put a smile on their face.

garden gift ideas dibber gardeners wooden set_grow-with-hema
A tamper and dibber set made with with solid oak!

Books for Gardeners

Lots more on Hema’s Gift Selection but here’s a few to get you started …

Most gardeners love to note down what they grew, how their plants fared and plans for the following year. This serves as a useful record and reminder as it is easy to forget the details over the growing months. So here are some my picks for your avid gardener: A Five Year Record Book that keeps all their notes in one place; or perhaps RHS Pocket Diary 2022.


garden gift ideas gardeners record book rhs_grow-with-hema
A real keepsake!


Garden gifts_grow-with-hema
RHS Garden Diary 2022 

Charles Dowding is a successful no-dig gardener who loves to share his experience. He has a great Growing Calendar 2022 as well as a Vegetable Garden Perpetual Diary that I have personally bought and these would make great gifts!

Of course no winter would be complete without some inspiring reading to boost the spring and summer growing! Here is my selection for you to choose from: the first two Down to Earth and The Complete Gardener from the lovable Monty Don.

garden gift ideas gardener monty don book_grow-with-hema
A beautifully written narrative!
garden gift ideas monty don book_grow-with-hema
Practical advice from Monty’s own experience

The other two books in my selection for you are Veg in One Bed by Huw Richards and for those with larger plots, Allotment Month by Month.

garden gift ideas veg in one bed huw richards book_grow-with-hema
Very informative for the Small Space Gardener
garden gift ideas allotment month by month dk_grow-with-hema
For the gardener with a bigger gardening patch!

 Garden Gift Ideas for Bird Lovers

Winter is a perfect time to feed the birds, particularly the smaller ones that live around us. A garden, patio or balcony provides the perfect setting for hosting your mini feasts for our little feathered friends. These are a few of my picks for you:

Hanging Bird Table which very easy to clean and maintain with its sliding base. Great for small spaces!

garden gift ideas bird feed table_grow-with-hema
Beautiful addition for the smallest outdoor spaces!

Wooden Bird Table which can be left outdoors in all weathers and fixed onto a post. If you’d love a portable option, then this Free Standing Wooden Bird Table is a pretty addition to the garden!

garden gift ideas wooden bird table portable covered_grow-with-hema
Perfect to move around with the seasons!

Hope this helps you to wrap up your gifts and there’s always more on Hema’s Gift Selection.

Have a wonderful festive season and let’s take gardening up a notch in the coming year!

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