Easy Potatoes in Containers

When my friend Phil gave me four little seed potatoes, I wasn’t sure if I would be able to grow them in my shallow raised beds as potatoes need some depth filled with good soil. My garden soil has heavy clay and it is the reason I have found raised beds such a treasure for my kitchen garden.

Seed potatoes ready for planting

So I decided on using these reusable potato bags from my garden centre as containers that would offer the depth needed and planted the potatoes in the bottom third of the bags. As the potatoes started growing I covered them with a layer of more compost and repeated this with more layers over several weeks till the bags were filled to the top.

Reusable bags for planting potatoes from my garden centre

Then it was just a question of sitting back and enjoying the deep green foliage develop into lush plants that needed no attention apart from a little support when we had the very strong gusts of wind in spring.

Potato plants looking very lush in spring

Early summer saw beautiful little flowers forming that were a real attraction to the bees in my garden. These potatoes were second earlies called Charlotte and they could be harvested after 17 weeks of being planted. I couldn’t wait!

Potato plants in flower which the bees loved in my kitchen garden

Well the moment I looked forward to was finally here. I wasn’t sure what I would find until I upturned the bag and there they came tumbling out, so exciting … just like a lucky dip!

Lucky dip into the upturned soil in my wheelbarrow … what a super find!

There they all were, my little treasure of fresh white Charlotte potatoes in my very own kitchen garden!

Fresh white Charlotte potatoes tumbling out of the plastic resuable growing bag

Well, two bags meant two colanders filled with newly harvested potatoes! Thank you Phil for introducing me to the world of potato growing, never realised it could be so simple. Next year, I will be definitely planting more as they were so, so easy to grow and harvest … have you been tempted to have a go?

My two colanders full of white Charlotte potatoes from four little seed potatoes

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