Regrowing Celery

Celery root end which has leaves growing in the middle planted in a flowerpot with compost in it

 I have been enjoying regrowing celery indoors! Normally I throw away the  from the root end. Last month however, I placed the celery root end in a shallow glass bowl on my kitchen window sill. Within a couple of weeks, as I described in my December post, I saw leaves growing from the top and roots popping out of the bottom end!

Now that the roots are longer, I have decided to plant the celery end in a pot of compost.

 How to plant a celery root end

First fill a flower pot or container with general compost which you can get from a garden centre. Your chosen container should have a few holes at the bottom for water to drain out easily. 

a tray witA small flowerpot filled with compost in it and a small shallow glass bowl with water in it with a celery root end sitting in it. All these are in a tray with some compost in it.
Fill a pot with new compost for the celery root end

Next make a hole in the centre of the compost in the pot and place the celery root end in it. Fill up the sides with more compost and then firm gently.

hand holding celery root end which has roots coming out of it
hand placing more compost around a celery root end which is in a flowerpot with soil in it

Water the pot once the celery root end is firmly planted.

celery root end potted in a flowerpot is being watered with a shallow glass bowl
Water the planted celery root end

Now you can place the pot on a bright window sill. I would advise you to keep the compost moist and not too dry or too wet. How often you water it will depend on the weather and indoor conditions. Simply push your finger through the top of the compost and if it feels moist then it is fine.

Celery root end which has leaves growing in the middle planted in a flowerpot with compost in it
New celery plant from root end!

So the next time you are preparing celery and you have a root end that is destined for the bin, why not place it in some water on your bright window sill? Then watch the magic as the celery root end starts growing again. A great activity to do with children and a fun way of starting them gardening too!

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