Winter Hardy Herbs

The best herbs to have in your kitchen garden are the winter hardy sage and rosemary. March means spring here normally but this year we have almost been snowbound and with the windchill factor, temperatures have been at a record low. The grass may have hidden by a thick layer of snow but the fragrant soldiers in my garden have yet to be defeated.

Sage on the right surviving the snowfall

Another winter hardy herb is rosemary and nothing deters it. It is very undemanding and that should suit many new gardeners.

Rosemary as the snow falls again gently through the evening

I was pleasantly surprised with the success I have had in propagating rosemary. I took cuttings in autumn, planted them in a small pot with gritty soil and left the pot in a cool place over winter. In spring I had new rosemary seedlings which I then potted on.

Both herbs are so useful in winter cooking. Sage tastes great in butternut squash soup and roasted vegetables flavoured with a couple of twigs of rosemary are just so fragrantly divine! Since both herbs are so strong, you do not need much to add to your dishes.

Roasted butternut squash soup with homegrown sage and apple

Of course, withstanding the cold is not everyone’s game, especially the young tomato seedlings that are growing so well indoors and waiting patiently for their turn outside!

Tomato seedlings patiently growing indoors

Perhaps spring is a little late this year?

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