Winter Garden Greens – So Amazing! Harvesting homegrown vegetables this season

A whole head of pak choi in a hand

My winter garden greens are thriving in the cold greenhouse! As you know this is my first year owning the greenhouse and I decided to plant some vegetables that love the cooler weather. As a result I planted kale, lettuce, chard, pak choi and peas in autumn from seed in the cold greenhouse. In particular, the radishes that I planted as the same time grew quickly and have already been harvested. Plus some chillies …

Winter garden greens: salads

I planted kale seeds in a pot in the greenhouse and it has grown beautifully. Kale can withstand frost too so I also have some growing in planters and in the raised bed, without any cover. 

Lettuce thrives in cooler weather and it has been a joy to grow and harvest from the cold greenhouse. I only cut the outer leaves and leave the inner core and baby leaves growing so that I can harvest some more later. In this way, I can continue to harvest from the same plants through the winter. This is called the cut-and-come-again way of harvesting. 

I love growing pak choi as it is easy to grow from seed especially in the cooler weather. I only needed to water the pak choi when required and thin the seedlings to stop them from being overcrowded. By thinning I mean pulling out some of the seedlings to give the rest some space to grow well. So from my experience I would say, pak choi are definitely one the easiest vegetables to grow, even in a small space. In spring, I have sown pak choi seeds directly outdoors in the raised beds and planters, with great success!

winter garden greens_grow-with-hema
kale winter garden greens_grow-with-hema
Pak choi plants growing in a white bucket
pak choi winter garden greens_grow-with-hema


round metal plate has light green lettuce leaves on one side and dark green kale leaves on the other half

Winter garden peas

I have always grown peas outdoors in the raised bed in spring. So this autumn, I decided to experiment growing peas in the winter by sowing the seeds in autumn in my cold greenhouse. As you can see they have grown beautifully. I have given them some support as the pea plants have grown much taller using some bamboo canes and hessian string. I am not sure if they will flower and have peas but I have my fingers crossed! The pea plants have lovely curly tendrils which are great in salads and garnishes too. 

peas winter garden greens_grow-with-hema


Pea plants growing in a planter and are supported by some hessian string and bamboo canes


Curly tendrils of the pea plants growing in a planter

Chillies over winter

I was so excited to have a greenhouse this autumn that I decided to keep a few of my chilli plants in it! I normally sow chilli seeds in January so that I can move the plants outdoor in spring when there is no danger of frosty nights. Once the summer harvests are over and frosty nights begin again in autumn, I normally get rid of the chilli plants. So far this winter, I am happy to tell you that the chilli plants are doing well. The remaining chillies have ripened on the plants which I have now harvested. Imagine harvesting chillies on a cold winter’s day!

Several yellow chillies on a plant growing in a pot on a wooden bench


metal round plate with some yellow chillies and a few red ones


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