What a surprise!

Now I’ve been away for 10 days on holiday and did wonder whether the plants in my raised bed would survive the heatwave that had been forcasted while I was away. Further down, I will describe how these plants have survived the heat. I was pleasantly surprised to find that the beans, spinach and chard have grown beautifully but what is more … is the lovely cucumber that is ready to harvest from the little one that I’d left behind!


A bigger surprise for me are the two litttle courgettes (finally!) that I can see on my return, all I had up to now had been massive leaves and flowers which I now know as male ones as there were no courgettes growing there. The bigger leaves that I had cut off earlier to give the rest of the plants some light, did not then affect the courgettes fruiting …wonderful!


Beans, beans and more beans! Well that is on the menu for lunch today as well as the lovely spinach and chard leaves … so gratifying and oh so wholesome!



My husband placed zip and seal bags filled with water with a short length of thread dripping the water out ever so slowly. Thanks to instructables which offers a guide which is easy to follow; one thing to be aware of is that the needle which is used needs to be very thin otherwise water drips out too quickly. The filled bags were also propped up with green garden sticks so that the bags were not ‘sitting’ on the soil.



Very simple but effective way to ensure that your plants don’t suffer while you are away!

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