Vegetables Thriving in the Spring Sun

May has brought sunshine and lots of vigorous growth in my kitchen garden this spring. Tomato and chilli plants are now in their element, having had a roller coaster ride with the fluctuating temperatures in April. Fortunately they have had the sanctuary of the greenhouse and although it was unheated, it has protected them from the very low temperatures.

Tomato jungle this spring!

Chilli plants have felt the cold temperatures and have not been at their best but the sunshine has invigorated them again. I really would like to see some chillies ripen to red ones as I have sown them much earlier this year. I did have a bumper chilli harvest last year but most of  the chillies were green.

Chilli plants are showing promise

My raised beds have new guests this year. A friend gave us some home grown onions that tasted so sweet and delicious that I had to try growing my own! I bought onion sets and was given some, which were all planted in the raised beds. A few weeks later and they are looking very promising.

Rows of onions mingling with pak choi seedlings in the raised bed

In amongst the rows of onion sets, I have planted pak choi and hoping for the success I had last spring. Having grown it for the first time last year, I was surprised how undemanding pak choi really is. It seems to prefer cooler temperatures and so a perfect vegetable to grow in spring. As the weather warmed up, a couple of plants began to flower last year. I left them to go to seed and I managed to harvest hundreds and thousands of seeds … unbelievable! These are the seeds I have planted this year, such a great cycle isn’t it?

Peas are also residing in the raised beds and home grown peas are so sweet! Just have to be tasted to be believed and very easy to grow. My daughter was very averse to green peas but last summer she used to disappear in amongst the peas and only come back with empty pods in her hands … says it all doesn’t it?

Peas joining the onions and pak choi in the raised bed

Radishes are simply brilliant performers as they are quick growers and one for children to plant as they can be harvested within a few weeks of sowing the seeds. These were planted in my raised beds and they will soon be ready, can’t wait!

Pretty radish seedlings

Spring brings back the sunshine and with it a lot of hope for some beautiful harvests. What will you be trying this season … it only takes a little compost and few seeds!

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