Two Sides of a Garden

This summer I have had the wonderful opportunity to visit my friend Julia who lives in Anglesey, Wales. Her front garden is only in my dreams and one I would like to wake up to everyday, so tranquil and picturesque!

Beautiful front garden in Moelfre, Anglesey

Next to her front garden is this lovely little stream that goes through a waterfall phase in amongst all the beautiful summer blooms which is a haven for butterflies and bees!

Picturesque little waterfall

As the stream meanders down through the rocks, it has a very calming feel as it gushes over the pebbles on the beach to meet the sea!

Gushing over the pebbles on the beach to meet the sea

On the flip side, her garden at the back of the property is tiny and has high walls around it due to the landscape in which the buildings are set. I say garden but it is more of a small paved patch that only receives sun for some time in the afternoon. That would give anyone the perfect excuse not to grow anything, but not Julia. There are flowers including hydrangeas and wooden crates filled with lettuce and basil along one wall.

Flowers and vegetables all lined up against one wall

So handy to pick some fresh leaves for your lunch or throw some fragrant basil into your pasta sauce!

Wooden crates with lettuce and basil growing in the back garden

On the other side of this tiny garden, by the back door are terracota pots filled with lavender, rosemary and mint amongst other herbs. Not far to reach when all you need is great flavours to bring to your roast or cooking to life. What a heart warming sight!

Wonderful array of herbs growing in a terracota pots by the back door

So if you are looking for a tranquil, picturesque getaway with unspoilt beauty, then check out Julia’s place for a friendly place to stay during your holiday:

Arlanfor, Moelfre, Anglesey, North Wales

Please note that this is not a sponsored post.

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