Tomatoes and Chillies

Having planted tomato and chilli seeds for the first time, I was not sure what to expect. Especially as they both required a warm germinating environment and a cover to keep the warmth and moisture in. Well, keeping both trays with old plastic propagator covers on them in the cosy corner where the boiler in my house lives, definitely helped.

The three chilli varieties, Aji Limon, Ring of Fire and Jalepeno, have all germinated with their baby leaves and now live on my kitchen windowsill. I am waiting for the first true leaves before I can transplant them into small individual pots which won’t be long!.

Aji Limon, Ring of Fire and Jalepeno chilli seedlings with their first baby leaves

The tomato seedlings however have become ridiculously leggy, perhaps I left them too long under cover in a warm but poorly lit corner. Well, lesson learnt and I am going to have to transplant these soon otherwise they are going to start falling over each other!


On a more confident note, I am so happy with the seeds I had saved last summer from a cherry tomato. I planted these in a recycled mushroom tub and covered it with a plastic bag. I left this tub in the warm corner with the other seedlings and have now moved it to a windowsill after the first peek of green.

Seeds saved last year from a cherry tomato
Made a few small holes in the bottom of a recycled tub to allow good drainage
Filled the tub with compost and planted the seeds before covering it with a plastic bag
Removed the plastic bag as soon as there were shoots popping through and kept the tub on a windowsill
Cherry tomato seedlings have been doing really well

On another positive note, my friend Phil gave me a a couple of chillies that his daughter has been growing indoors for the past two years. So I split one chilli and removed the seeds to plant them.

Removing seeds from a chilli to plant them

I am so happy to say that I have lovely chilli seedlings which are on the left in the tray below. I have also planted a few seeds from other chilli seeds I had saved from last year which have sprung up too, on the right.

I am very impressed with the seedlings and am hoping to transplant them as soon as they get their first true leaves ..the seedlings at this stage only have their baby leaves. So encouraging to see what a handful of compost in a recycled tub with a few seeds sprinkled on it can do. Have a go, you have nothing to lose and don’t even have to spend much!

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