Tomatoes and Chillies Settled Outdoors

It was only the other day I wondered whether the spindly tomato seedlings were ever going to make it outdoors and now arrives the day when the weather is so welcoming to these sturdy green plants all ready for their stay in the garden! They have all been hardened with their day visits outside for the past few weeks.

Transplanted Gardener’s Delight, Moneymaker and Sungold tomato seedlings have been hardened by spending their daytimes outdoors

Tomato seedlings grown from seeds I had saved last summer are also looking very fit.

Cherry tomato plants raised from seeds saved from last year have done so well

As are the chilli seedlings  that were all started from seed indoors.

Chilli seedlings catching some sun on their days out

All three varieties of chilli seeds from South Devon Chilli Farm:  Aji Limon, Ring of Fire and Jalepeno have grown into beautiful seedlings that are yearning to be outdoors now. As are the seeds I had saved from some chillies last year and from a couple of dried chillies which Phil, a friend had given me have all done brilliantly! The magic of gardening is truly in the seed!

Chilli plants raised from seeds saved from last year and some given by my friend, Phil.

Well both the tomato and chilli seedlings are a lot bigger and stronger now and although I have planted some in a raised bed, the majority of these seedlings are destined for the planters on the patio. So inspired was I with the wooden planters filled with tropical plants on my last summer holiday that I decided to try them out on my patio this year. A task for my husband who has very skillfully made some small and large planters for me. He truly enjoys working with wood!

Handmade wooden planters lined with some weed matting to allow water to run through but hold the soil

The planters have been part filled with straw which will not only help drainage but also compost down over time, enriching the soil. The other advantage is that you do not need so much soil to fill the planters!

All planters partly filled with straw

They were all then filled with compost and lined up against the kitchen wall on the patio to take advantage of the full sun in the afternoon, which the tomato and chilli plants will definitely appreciate!

Planters then filled with compost and ready for planting

I am planting the tomato seedlings next to the wall as they are taller and will need to be supported as they grow. As you can see in the picture, the cardboard tubes I used were just as good as the recycled plastic glasses when it came to housing these tomato seedlings: economical and a greener way of gardening!

Tomato seedlings raised in recycled plastic glasses and cardboard tubes

Well, chilli seedllings will naturally then have to take the front row and of course the netting thrown on top …squirrels are having a lot of fun in my garden this spring!

Tomato plants on the back bench and chillies in the front row!

All planted up now and hoping we have a good summer!

All planters have their resident tomato and chilli seedlings in place now!


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  1. My growboxes and garden are under construction this year. I’m going to make some of these so I can move plants to a sunny spot on my patio. Thanks for the inspiration!

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