Tomatoes and Basil

Tomatoes have grown beautifully this summer and have resulted in lots of fruits to harvest! They have loved the heat but on the flip side, it has meant that we having been watering them twice a day. Growing tomatoes in pots means they dry out a lot quicker than being in the ground too.

The varieties I planted this year are Roma which are plum tomatoes, Sungold cherry tomatoes and Moneymaker, which are your regular round ones.

Roma tomatoes as they began to ripen

Roma tomatoes are usually grown for their thick pulp that is used in making passata. I love cooking with them, especially when making sauces with sauteed onions; the chopped Roma tomatoes simply melt in minutes – even better if you have skinned them first!

Sungold cherry tomatoes are so easy to grow and simply need a sunny place to grow.

Sungold cherry and Moneymaker tomatoes loving the warm kitchen wall

Sungold cherry tomatoes are so delicious and worth their weight in gold … you just have to taste one, like a dollop of warm honey! Who needs sweets when you can have these little delights at hand, harvested straight from the plant.

Can’t say for certain if any of these ever made it to the kitchen!

There are bunches of Moneymaker tomatoes making it even more necessary to give them support as they get heavier with growth. These are regular tomatoes but again you cannot compare their taste and texture to the ones in the shops! Very juicy and fruity, you simply have to taste them. I pop them into salads and cook with them too.

I have grown basil underneath the tomato plants they make great companion plants – the scent of basil is understood to keep many of the pests away from tomato plants.

Tomatoes, basil and sunshine this summer!

This works even better for me as they are such a great pairing when it come to the eating! This summer my daughter has loved making pesto and paired with freshly harvested tomatoes, it is just delicious!

Basil pesto on warm ciabatta with chopped freshly harvested juicy tomatoes, simply yum!

Wouldn’t you like to harvest your own if you could make meals like these?

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  1. sungold cherry tomatoes I had it first time and just loved it❤️

    1. They are just delicious, just inspires you to grow them doesn’t it!

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