Tomato Seedlings

I planted tomato seeds last weekend and not expecting much action for a while, was so delighted to see little seedlings popping through the dark compost. These started their life near the boiler in the kitchen which is the warmest place in my house.

All three varieties of tomatoes Moneymaker, Sungold and Roma have germinated happily in a week!

Now that they have germinated and produced their first two baby leaves, I have moved the tray of seedlings to the dining room where there is more light and still warm. Just looking at these lovely little green promises of much larger plants helps you to visualise the summer months of juicy ripe tomatoes, freshly picked and eaten!

Beautiful Sungold cherry tomatoes growing on my patio last summer

I tried growing some tomatoes in wooden planters on the patio to make the most of the afternoon sun that it receives and that was definitely a success for ripening the tasty fruit.

Wooden planters hosting young tomato plants on the patio last year

I also planted some in the raised bed to see how they would fare and by midsummer, this became a vast jungle with tomatoes everywhere.

Tomato jungle in my raised bed that became so difficult to manage!

They were so successful that they became unmanageable. This year, I am going to think about how I am going to place the support that these plants need first before I plant them in their final positions, lesson learnt from last summer’s struggle!

Beautiful tomato harvest last summer

Large and small, there were so many tomatoes harvested by the end of summer last year that I am hoping for a similar season of success this year!

Why not join me and make a little space in your balcony, patio or garden for just a couple of these plants for an unforgettable taste of warm homegrown juicy tomatoes?

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