Tomato Harvest

I planted tomatoes for the first time this year from seed and they have been very successful in my raised beds and planters! There have been bunches and bunches everywhere I looked, from cherry tomatoes to the larger varieties.

My tomato jungle with loads of fruit this summer

They have been ripening gradually, with the final harvest coming in this September. I have found that ripe homegrown tomatoes taste so delicious and so unlike the ones that you buy from shops. Once you taste homegrown tomatoes, you will want to grow them every year!!

My final harvest of tomatoes

When I first planted these seeds, little did I expect that I would have so many tomatoes. Cherry tomatoes are easily eaten, straight off the plant or in salads but I would need to preserve the larger ones. Since I love their flavour in my cooking, I decided to make a fresh sauce out of them that I could then freeze. Skinning them was the first task, where I washed them and gave each one a little nick with a sharp knife to make the skin peel off easily. I then plunged them in a saucepan of boiling water for just about a minute and pulled them out as soon as I saw the tomato skin unfurling. Once cool, I simply removed the skin ..this was a very easy task.

Tomatoes all skinned, a very easy task

All that remained then was to give each bowl of skinned tomatoes a blitz with a hand blender and voila! I have fresh tomato pulp ready to use and freeze the rest.

Fresh skinned tomato pulp to be used in my cooking

To make it easier to use in my cooking, I used ice cube trays to freeze the pulp. This means that when I need the pulp for my cooking, I will simply add the number of cubes that are sufficient for that recipe.

Fresh tomato pulp ready for the freezer

Job done, with delicious homegrown tomato pulp ready to use in the cold winter months … when the great taste of sunny days will be sure to lift your spirits!

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  1. Your tomatoes look great and have ripened really well. Some of my tomatoes are still green and I don’t think they will ripen now the weather is cooler. Should I pick them and pop them on the window sill?

    1. Yes Gena, do pick your green ones and I like to pop them in a bowl with a ripe banana, and then place this on a sunny windowsill. The banana will help them to ripen!

  2. Thanks, will try that.

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