Summer Heat From Chillies

I am surrounded by chillies growing in huge numbers this summer in my kitchen garden! When I first planted the seeds earlier this year, little was I to know that these sturdy plants would happily withstand the heavy gusts and downpours that we have had this spring and early summer.

As you remember, I bought the seeds from South Devon Chilli Farm and they arrived in the post with the all the growing instructions with it!

I planted the seeds indoors and until they germinated, I kept them in a warm place near the boiler in my kitchen. After that they lived on my kitchen window sill where they enjoyed bouts of spring sunshine whenever the sun decided to shine!

As they grew bigger they were transplanted into plastic cups and treated to days out in the sun but still brought indoors at night to protect them from frosty nights of which we had quite a few this spring.

They were finally planted in the planters which were positioned right against the kitchen wall to catch the best of the afternoon sunshine.

I am very pleased to say that they have done very well with several chillies on each plant …

Jalepenos ready for picking!
Ring of Fire chillies in their bunches

… yes I am surprised because I was always under the impression that they needed electric propagators and warm greenhouses! I have used none of those and have had a great first harvest.

I may have picked the Aji Limon chillies, which you can see in the bottom of the picture, perhaps a little too early as they look quite small and haven’t yet got their characteristic yellow colour that is shown on the seed packet. Note to self: wait a little longer before you pick the next ones!

On tasting, none of these are too hot .. just very flavourful and fresh. Simply perfect!

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