Summer Greens

The garden is thriving in the heat this summer! We have been watering and harvesting endlessly as the sun shines on this season. The greenhouse which protected the young seedlings and plants with such caring endeavour is now almost empty as all the tomatoes and chillies have migrated. With the heat beating down for days which became weeks, the greenhouse has become too warm for them.

Chillies all migrated outside the greenhouse in this summer’s heat!

Chillies are everywhere I look now and you could easily miss some as they are so well camouflaged within the green foliage.

Lots of flowers and chillies this summer

The peas have also taken off at great speed and where there were delicate tendrils and pretty blooms one day, there are now peas, peas and more peas and so fresh, so tasty. Well worth the effort of growing them I can assure you.

Pea pods in all their glory

I had great success last year with cucumbers, so many did I harvest that they were shared with many friends and family. I even made pickles for the very first time which were delicious. This year, they seem to have taken off a little late but seem to be thriving now that the weather has well and truly warmed up. They need a little support to grow vertically so a few strings here and there seem to be doing the trick.

Young cucumber plants carefully making their way up the web of strings

Plants or us, we all love the sunshine so much! Gardening is so rewarding especially in the summer sun, are you going to give it a go?

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