Spring Planting

Spring seems to be showing itself a few days at a time this year and I have been making the most of the sunnier spots as my tomato and chilli seedlings are so ready for their outdoor ventures. Even better as I am now the proud owner of a greenhouse, oh so exciting!

My new greenhouse, oh the possibilities!

This came as a flat pack and thanks to my husband who has painstakingly put it together for me. Not the easiest of tasks and working on it through the cold winter months it is now ready to open its door to my seedlings.

So first off are the tomato seedlings that have outgrown their stay indoors and have been potted up with their little stakes to keep them upright.

Tomato plants now resident in their new home

The chilli plants are not far behind and they have also been transplanted into bigger pots. I have chosen a few plants of each variety of chillies and tomatoes to grow in the greenhouse.

Chilli plants all transplanted out of their little cups into larger pots

I still have so many young plants left over to be shared between friends and family, just love spring don’t you?

Lots of tomato and chilli plants for sharing

Outside the greenhouse, there has been a lot of preparation of the raised beds. They have had their compost topped up and the netting secured … get a lot of visitors which are not always welcome like the pigeons, squirrels and cats!

Raised beds all ready for this season’s planting

On the left, there are two bags and a bucket which have had seed potatoes planted in them. After last year’s success, I am keen to taste my own homegrown potatoes this summer. After buying the seed potatoes I left them in a cool garage to sprout or chit so that I could plant them.

In the furthest raised beds, I have planted some green and purple kale. These were sown as seeds in pots in last summer and perhaps a little too late as they survived but did not grow very much. So I decided to transplant them to the prepared beds and hope summer sees me making kale falafel.  This was the same with the the spinach and the chard, which I have moved to the bed next door. Can’t wait to harvest fresh crisp young leaves soon, if last year was anything to go by!

Green and purple kale, plus spinach and chard all ready for the warmer weather!

Spring definitely must be here as my daffodils have shown their pretty selves on my patio, a great attraction already for the bees that have started popping round. Tulips have been a little slower but I’m so looking forward to their blooms as the weather warms my garden.

Beautiful blooms of daffodils smiling in my garden this spring!

What are you planting this year?

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