Spring Onion Growing Experiment From root ends of shop bought spring onion

some cut spring onions with their root ends are lying on some dark soil in a planter

This autumn, I have decided to experiment growing spring onion from the white root ends. I bought a bunch of spring onions from the shop last week. I was not sure where to cut the spring onions so I cut some midway and others further down towards the roots.  After all it is an experiment!

Bunch of whole spring onions on a chopping board

Green tops of spring onions cut from the white root ends

As the weather is turning colder, I am planting these spring onion halves in my greenhouse planter. Although winter is approaching, I cannot bear to leave the greenhouse empty. I hope the unheated greenhouse will be protective enough for the spring onions to grow.

Root end halves of spring onions in the planter ready to be planted
Root ends of spring onions ready to be planted in the greenhouse planter

I am digging small holes in the compost to plant these spring onion root ends and then gather the compost back to cover them. Patting the compost down gently will assure that they are planted upright!

Placing spring onion root end in a shallow hole in planter

Gathering soil back to plant the spring onion root end in planter

I have carried on and planted all the root ends in the greenhouse planter in loose rows. The shorter and longer ends are both in the same planter – I am very interested in seeing how they grow.

All root ends of spring onions planted in the soil in planter
All root ends of spring onions have been planted

I am finishing off with some water to settle them in the planter, with my fingers crossed of course!

Watering the spring onions in the planter with a watering can
Watering my newly planted spring onion root ends

In the same planter, there are some spring onion seedlings that I started from sowing some seeds.  If you look closely at the picture below, you will see that on the right there are some spindly looking green spikes that are my emerging spring onion seedlings.

Spring onions growing from seed in the same planter as those from root ends
Spindly spring onion seedlings grown from seed on the right (some pak choi in the middle)

Now I am really looking forward to seeing how the spring onions grow. Exciting wouldn’t you say!

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  1. Philip Snailham says: Reply

    How did your spring onions perform ?

    1. Hi Philip! The spring onion grew so well and I had several harvests of the green leaves. They kept growing back again till late spring when they flowered and went to seeds. Definitely a great way to grow spring onions and no waste! Hope you will be giving it a try!

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