Spinach in January!

So impressed with my perpetual spinach as well as my chard that I planted last spring …  the plants have survived the hard frosts of Christmas without cover! These varieties are certainly hardy and would recommend them to anyone who enjoys fresh young green spinach and chard leaves for a salad, particularly for the colder winter months.

Spinach and Chard planted last Spring …still growing in winter!

I had planted one batch in spring and the other in early autumn, all from seedlings that I raised indoors from seed. I planted seeds in March in a tray, which I kept well watered in my front porch. This porch is quite cool as it has no heating in it and turned out to be great place to germinate and nurture the seedlings till they were ready to be planted in the raised bed outdoors.

In late summer, I planted the second batch of seeds also indoors and these seedlings were ready to be transplanted outside very quickly due to the warm weather.

Seedlings planted in early autumn …withstood the hard frosts without any cover!

As a result , all summer and autumn I have been able to harvest young leaves for salad and patra, an Indian delicacy. However, the icing on the cake is the latest harvest in January!! Try growing Spinach Beet and Rhubarb Chard (Vulcan) for some very special salad leaves …so close to hand, particularly if you are new to gardening!

Hardy varieties for winter salad leaves

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