So Many Cucumbers!

Fresh cucumbers and so many of them from my kitchen garden this summer! So tasty and crisp, these are certainly a far cry from the ones we get all year round wrapped in plastic in supermarkets.

I planted the seeds earlier this year in pots indoors and they were a delight to watch as pretty frilled true leaves filled the small pot.

Cucumber seedlings grown from seeds indoors with their pretty frilled true leaves

The leaves soon got bolder as the plants spent their days out in the sunshine to become hardened off. At night they were brought indoors to protect them from the late frosts that we had this year.

Cucumber seedlings hardening off in the spring sun

I placed them for a few days in the raised bed where I had planned to plant them so they could get accustomed to their final accomodation!

Seedlings acclimatising in the raised bed where they will be planted

As you can see in the far corner at the top of the raised bed, I planted them perhaps a little closer than I would have liked! I had started out with just three plants but was given a couple more by family so just had to plant them too.

Cucumber seedlings planted in one corner of the raised bed

Well if there is one thing that cucumber plants need in addition to good soil, lots of water and sunshine, it is some support for them to climb up onto. Last year I had only one plant that a friend had given me and I had underestimated the support needed. Well this year, my husband has made this frame out of wood from a recycled pallet and some hessian string! We positioned it with a slight tilt and hoped it did the job.

Thrifty frame made from recycled pallet and hessian string for support

I needn’t have worried as a week later, the cucumber plants are loving the frame displaying beautiful little bright yellow flowers.

Cucumber plants loving the frame!

Not sure if they are racing to the top, but they are certainly loving the summer sunshine.

Cucumber plants racing to the top in the summer sunshine

All this is now history as there are cucumbers everywhere, you just have to lift some of the larger leaves and you never know what size they will be until you find them!

Cucumbers everywhere!

So many harvested that I must find friends, family and neighbours to share them with …

Bowl full of cucumbers harvested

… so tasty, crisp and sweet, a great addition to our summer meals!

Fresh crisp homegrown cucumber slices …yum!

The joy of homegrown cucumbers, would you like to try some?

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