So Lush!

The vegetables in the raised bed are loving the warmer summer weather and all that rain has been so appreciated! A great transformation in just a few weeks. Even if you have just a small space on a balcony or window sill or a tiny garden, do give gardening a go. It is a wonderful hobby …besides you can eat the result!

Well the peas that I planted not so long ago are almost taller than me. Not only are the curly tendrils so endearing, the flowers are also so pretty!

Peas with their curly tendrils and pretty flowers!

The broad beans seem to putting on a show of their own with their black and white flowers, which I am appreciating just as  much as looking forward to the broad beans!

Characteristic black and white flowers on the broad bean plants now

I have planted more dwarf beans and they are coming up beautifully. The first lot which I started off indoors and then planted in this raised bed really struggled to the point where I had to remove them. That is the other side of gardening where not everything grows well all the time, so you just plant some more!

New dwarf bean seedlings on the left in this raised bed

In the middle of this raised bed is a new one for me, fennel. The fennel seedlings have lovely light feathery leaves and if you have never grown it before then join me in this journey of discovering how it will grow!

Little light feathery leaves on the fennel seedlings

At the other end of the raised bed are the cluster of cucumber plants and one cornichon seedling that my friend Phil gave me this year. I will have to think about how I’m going to support these plants as they will need it soon to climb up. That will be my next job at the rate the garden is flourishing!

Not forgetting of course the potatoes which are growing quietly in their bags. They are also flowering which means it’s not going to be long before I can harvest the potatoes, well that’s what I have been told by friends. Fingers crossed there are some there!

Isn’t it incredible how much the warmth of the summer sun transforms the garden!

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