Seeds to a start

I have never planted chillies from seed before so this spring I am going to try for the very first time to grow my own chilli seedlings. I ordered three different varieties from South Devon Chilli Farm, who posted them promptly and they were here in two days! Along with the seeds came some great instructions and links for videos to guide my planting …brilliant for a beginner.


Instructions and seeds arrived with two days!

I have chosen three varieties which are of medium heat this year as I would like to add them to the dishes I prepare. These varieties are also described as heavy croppers which do not need a lot of molly cuddling and that suits me just fine! The Jalepenos are for my daughter who loves to use them in her creative cooking, pickled with her meals and as a topping for her nachos! So here’s hoping for a good crop. Aji Limon may need staking as it is described as a large bushy plant which tends to droop but delivers lemon-flavoured fruits perfect for stir-fries. Ring of Fire variety is a kind of cayenne which offers green as well as dry red chillies which can easily be ground! So a small selection of chilli varieties to get me started this year.

Three varieties each of chilli and tomato seeds for my kitchen garden this year

The other seeds I am hoping to grow from seed for the first time are tomatoes after a successful crop from seedlings I bought last summer. With recommendations from friends, family and fellow gardeners I have decided on two varieties of cherry tomatoes: Gardener’s Delight and Sungold (I’m already imagining warm ripe juicy bursts of flavour in my salad!) and the medium sized Moneymaker.

Seeed growing compost in a tray ready for planting

I have used two trays, one each for the chillis and tomatoes. I have filled them with seed growing compost which I moistened with water and planted the seeds to the required depth before lightly watering them.

Chilli and tomato seeds have been sown!

I have covered them with plastic covers which I had bought many years ago and have come in good use for this. I do not have a heated propagator so I am going to keep these trays in a little corner where the boiler in my house lives, which is possibly the warmest place!

I am hoping for little seedlings in a week or two … spring is a season of great hope, isn’t it?

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