Seeds for Next Spring

I must confess that when I bought a few tomato plants this year, I was not sure what to expect. Yes … I hear you say there is a plant label in each pot with a beautiful picture of tomatoes on each one but I wasn’t too confident of the growing season and could not imagine what the fruit would be like or how it would taste.

I was surprised then in late summer when harvesting handfuls of cherry tomatoes which were bursting with flavour and this has encouraged me to save their seeds for planting next spring.

I cut a ripe cherry tomato and squeezed the two halves into a fine meshed sieve and then ran cold water through it to remove all the pulp. But when I tried to dry them on a paper towel, I found that they were sticking to it. So I carefully picked each seed and left them to dry overnight on greaseproof paper. I have now stored them in a small paper envelope.

Come next spring and I will be looking forward to planting these seeds …can’t wait!

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