Seedlings, seedlings everywhere!

Little bits of green peeking through the otherwise bare surface of the soil better excitement than this I can assure you! Whether they are the tiny shoots of basil or the larger ones belonging to the mighty beans, it is always a joy to welcome seedlings into this world.

Gone is the sunshine which was so encouraging when I planted the seeds this month and in its place we have had rain, winds and a rather cold spell. The seeds however have enjoyed the cosy corner where the boiler lives in my house and germinated well. They have all moved to windowsills now and I will take you on a little tour …you can sense the pride, I’m sure!

First are the little chard and perpetual spinach seedlings, easy to see where I dropped more than one seed!

Perpetual spinach and chard seedlings have just germinated

Next are the dwarf beans that I grew last year and must confess are very easy to maintain, great croppers and do not need any climbing apparatus! The climbers this year are the Cobra beans, which I am planting for the first time and their shoots are just unfurling through the surface now.

Dwarf beans and Cobra beans germinating

I planted soya beans last year which struggled as they were shadowed by the large courgette leaves, although a couple of plants did manage to survive and produce a few pods. I dried one of the pods and am delighted that these harvested soya beans have all germinated. Unfortunately I’m yet to detect any signs of life in the trays where I have sown the soya beans from the packet (it was from last year I admit but I had sealed it well!).

Soya beans shooting up!

And what can I say about the cucumber and courgette, just delighted to see all the seeds have come up beautifully! My friend Phil gave me a plant each of cucumber and courgette last year and that trial was so successful in my raised bed that this year I felt encouraged to start them off from seed.

Cucumber and courgette seedlings looking so great

The okra seedlings are also looking very impressive and I can’t wait to plant them outdoors in the raised bed …I’m sure my daughter is looking forward to these more than I am as these are her favourite vegetable!

Okra seeds have germinated so well

And of course the little seedlings of basil and Thai basil, and when I say little I mean absolutely tiny, can’t wait for these to grow up as their flavour will be awesome!

Basil and Thai basil seedlings

That’s brings me to the end of my tour of the seedlings for now. With only a handful of compost, a recycled container with holes at the bottom for drainage and some seeds to sprinkle on …what will you be growing on your windowsill?

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