Seedlings Potted On

A set of true leaves on my tomato seedlings now! Winter might be too stubborn to give way to warmer weather this February but it certainly hasn’t stopped the tomato seedlings from putting on some fabulous growth.

A set of true leaves after the first pair of baby leaves emerged

Once the seedlings show true leaves they are ready to be transplanted into their second homes as I have done here in drinking cups, which I find are ideal for this. The cups have a hole in the bottom to allow good drainage and I have filled them with John Innes No. 1 Young Plant Compost, which will have the nutrients to support this stage of their growth. All three varieties of Roma, Sungold and Moneymaker tomato seedlings have been transplanted.

Drinking cups with a hole at the bottom make ideal containers for transplanting seedlings

These are all now living in my dining room with the chilli seedlings by the patio doors where there is more light. The set of true leaves on the chilli seedlings are just popping through and these will soon need to be transplanted too.

Chilli seedlings are catching up too

Aji Limon and Jalepeno chilli seedlings which you can see in the picture below have grown a lot faster and although they are the mildest ones I am growing this year, I am hoping the other varieties like De Cayenne and Curry are going to be hotter in flavour.

Aji Limon on the left and Jalepeno on the right growing beautifully

All these beautiful seedlings within five weeks of planting the seeds and without an electric propagator. A very promising start to the growing season and although the cold spell outside does not seem to be making way for spring, my seedlings are certainly promising hope for a hotter season soon!

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