Seedlings now rooted outdoors!

It’s all so exciting when your little seedlings are ready for planting outdoors. This was after letting my seedlings move out into a sheltered spot (under the patio table!) for 5 days … it felt hard to let them go from the warm comforts of the porch; the germinated seedlings had become part of the family.


The dwarf beans, soya, okra, chard and spinach have all been planted in raised beds. The two raised beds were constructed by my husband using planks of treated decking wood and lined with old sand bags. Originally, we had decided to build one raised bed, but seeing the finished product we felt it was too high or deep for the crops that we were growing; so it was cut down to two shallower beds which gave us more surface area to plant.


The inspiration came from the book Grow all you can eat in 3 square feet published by Dorling Kindersley. The book proposes some very good ideas on how you can grow most fruits and vegetables in a very small spaces or containers and goes to great detail in how to construct your own planters …thoroughly recommend it for encouragement and guidance.

Of course, the planting wouldn’t be complete without some netting to prevent birds or squirrels from damaging the seedlings!


The beds can also boast of a preventative line of copper wire …hopefully to keep the slugs away as I am not keen on using slug pellets where vegetables are grown. Fingers crossed that we don’t receive these unwelcome guests!


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