Seed Organiser

When you are surrounded by seed packets it is very easy to lose track of when each variety has to be sown ..this is how I felt last year when I was starting out my kitchen garden for the first time. I have had such success from organising the dry fruits and nuts in the cupboards and the frozen fruits and vegetables in the freezer as it has made mealtimes so much easier that I have decided to organise all my seed packets now.

My husband made this box out of recycled wood. It was just the right size to fit all the seed packets in it, well nearly all as I am like a child in a sweet shop when it comes to buying seeds!

Simple wooden box

I cut the dividers out of card from some old Amazon packaging.

Divider cut to size from some old packaging

As we are on the verge of spring, I have focused on February, March and April with an extra slot for  seeds that offer regular sowings.


Four dividers for the sowing reminders


Now to just pop all the seed packets into their slots according to their sowing months.

Just the seed packets left to slot in

And job done ..this makes it so much easier to see which seeds I need to plant straight away and which will be sown later in the season. I absolutely recommend trying this as it makes planning a doddle!

All seed packets organised in sowing order


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