Saying Goodbye

Perhaps the hardest part of this season is bidding farewell to my kale and purple sprouting broccoli that have given so generously. This has been the first time I have tried these winter hardy vegetables and they definitely will be featuring again soon! The kale has gone on produce some beautiful yellow flowers which have been a hit with visiting bees for the past few weeks.

The last of the kale and purple sprouting broccoli with their beautiful flowers

Such a favourite these flowers have become to our winged friends that I found it quite tricksy negotiating my way round when I pulled each of the plants out!

Kale flowers became a favourite with the bees

In the raised bed next to this however, the perpetual spinach and chard I planted last summer are still going strong and looking ever so lush this spring.

Perpetual spinach and chard growing so well this spring

So easy to grow and needless to say so easy to harvest. These varieties love being trimmed regularly and I cannot resist harvesting them as the leaves are so fresh, crisp and oh so tasty!

Spinach and chard leaves harvested, ready for the table!

So as I look around my raised beds that were planted up last summer, I cannot help feeling a sense of pride looking at the green harvest that is not far from my kitchen, could food get any fresher?

Kale and spinach leaves destined for my kitchen, so fresh!

So with produce in hand this spring, I am making notes to myself: kale, purple sprouting broccoli, perpetual spinach and chard are my new besties for greens to grow over winter. Even if you have a tiny space, a small raised bed or a few pots with these greens could do just the trick for cold winter months!


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