Rescue and Recycle

I must tell you all about this because it does not happen everyday! I was visiting my garden centre for some compost and a few other bits when I stumbled upon a whole heap of empty flower pots that had just been discarded! I could not believe that these were being thrown away so I asked a member of staff who said yes, they were all heading for the bin.

All they needed was a clean as they were in very good condition. Well, it must have been my lucky day as I saved them from the bin and brought them home where I gave them all a good scrub in warm soapy liquid before rinsing them out and …voila! Spare pots and a great opportunity to recycle my garden centre’s waste!

I have since then been able to put these recycled pots to good use for planting the rosemary seedlings that I propagated and separating the chives this spring.

Recycled pots put to good use in planting my rosemary seedlings
Chives all separated into the recycled pots

On the theme of recycling, this year I have had a go at using empty cardboard tubes to transplant some of my tomato seedlings. Now when I first popped some compost into these tubes and planted the rather leggy tomato seedlings which looked questionable in themselves, I wasn’t sure that this relationship was going to work out. No seriously, I simply had a go without having very high hopes. This is where gardening is not logical and almost magical … just look at the results I have had. Absolutely amazed that these are thriving brilliantly and the best part is that I can plant them straight into the soil with the tube which will decompost as you can see in my previous post on patio planters. I will definitely be doing more of this in future as the result speaks for itself!

Tomato seedlings doing beautifully in recycled cardboard tubes which have been planted straight into the soil without removing the rolls!

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