Radishes, Pak Choi and Potatoes

Isn’t spring exciting when you never know what you will find in the garden next? Alright, I do know what I planted but things don’t always go the way you planned and you never know what to expect when you take a peep. So when I looked at the raised bed filled with lush growth of the leaves, little was I to know that the radishes were already showing off underneath!

Beautiful radishes peeping through the soil under the lush growth

Too irrestible to pull a few out and just look at them, red rubies in my kitchen garden and planted only some weeks ago. Not even difficult to harvest, yum!

Ruby coloured radishes so easy to harvest in just a few weeks

Next to the radishes are the pak choi putting on a healthy growth and impressively easy to maintain too. I popped in a few seeds in two rows, thinned out some seedlings that were eaten as microgreens, and the rest have just flourished. Pak choi have needed no attention since, I’m so impressed … definitely my kind of greens!

Pak choi looking so lush and needing no attention

Mustn’t forget to mention the progress the potatoes are making. These chitted (sprouted) Charlotte seed potatoes, which Phil gave me to try, were planted in potato bags to give them the depth to develop. Every time I see the leaves coming through I have been topping the bags up with more compost till it covers the new potato leaves. As you can see, these potato bags now only need one more fill and then we will keep our fingers crossed for the next few months.

Did say gardening was exciting, didn’t I?

Potato leaves popping through the compost that has been added in several layers over the last few weeks

Why not have a go at one of these simple vegetables, it is still spring and lots of warmer weeks to look forward to!

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