Planting Seeds

Planting chilli and tomato seeds indoors in January means the best harvests before the cooler weather of autumn sets in. It’s always amazing to think these little seeds will become plants bearing fruits this summer in my kitchen garden!

So on a very cold and dismal January weekend, I have popped into my local garden centre to pick up a bag of seed sowing compost to fill up three trays. This year I have decided to grow only three varieties of tomatoes which gave really impressive fruit last year …and so much of it as well!

Three varieties of tomato seeds for this year

Roma tomato plants were given to me last year and the tomatoes were great as they were pulpy and without a lot of seeds – perfectly rich for sauces! Moneymaker tomato plants I grew from seed last year were loaded with lots of fruits in summer as were the Sungold cherry tomatoes, a definite favourite now in our family. Beautiful summer harvest last year!

I am planting a lot more varieties of chillies this year as they are some of the most undemanding plants I have come across.

Two new varieties for me this year

This year I am trying my hand at growing slightly hotter chillies and the De Cayenne and Curry Pepper seem to promise me just that. I am really keen to see how they fare this summer.

Impressed with the harvests of the Jalepenos, Ring of Fire and Aji Limon chillies last year, they are making a come back this year in my kitchen garden. I am starting them a little earlier this year so that the chillies have time to ripen before summer ends.

Varieties grown last year fared so well they are featuring this year too!

Of course I have to add a few saved seeds from a few dried chillies that I harvested at the end of last summer.

Chilli seeds planted to half a centimetre depth and covered with compost and lightly watered

These trays with the seeds planted in them and watered will have clear plastic covers over them to conserve the warmth and moisture, creating the ideal germinating conditions. I will be keeping these near the boiler in my kitchen which is the warmest place in my house.

January may be cold but when you sow seeds indoors, there is a definite hope of sunshine and the promise of lush tomatoes and chillies … yum!

Are you giving it a try this year?

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