Pak Choi Seeds

This spring I decided to grow pak choi, a Chinese cabbage that is also known as bok choy. I love pak choi for its sweet taste and crunchy texture especially in stir fries.

I planted the seeds straight into compost in a raised bed, following the instructions on the seed packet.

Pak choi seedlings in the raised bed

When the seedlings appeared, they needed to be thinned out which means pulling out extra plants that were overcrowding to leave enough space for the seedlings that were left. After that, it was just a matter of leaving the sun and rain to do its magic.

Pak choi grew beautifully in the spring sunshine

Late spring and the harvest was great! I could not believe that these were all so easy to grow and I could just walk down to the raised bed to pick fresh pak choi for my stir fries! So sweet, crunchy and delicious and definitely one to plant as it is very undemanding.

Homegrown pak choi, such a gorgeous harvest!

Pak choi like cooler temperatures to grow as I found out because a couple of plants bolted, which means began to flower, as soon as the hotter summer weather began. I decided to leave these plants to flower as the bees were loving them. It was not long before I saw pods forming and to my delight a few weeks later there were so many pods!

Seed pods on the pak choi

I let the pods turn brown and dry before I harvested them … they made such a lovely rattling sound with the seeds inside.

Brown and dry with a lovely rattling sound of the seeds in the pods

As I split each of the pods, I found tiny little round black seeds which reminded me of dark mustard seeds.

Tiny round dark seeds that look so much like mustard seeds

I had never realised how many seeds I could collect from each plant. Now these are my kind of hundreds and thousands!

My kind of hundreds and thousands!

I am going to save these seeds for next spring but as the weather is turning cooler, I have planted a few seeds in a pot to see how they fare. Looking forward to some more pak choi this autumn, hopefully!

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