Organising Your Seeds – benefits, easy and practical!

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Organising your seeds is a brilliant way of starting the new year plus very useful too. I have found that there are 3 important advantages of sorting all the seed packets we own. This is regardless of whether you are a beginner or a seasoned gardener. I dare say perhaps even more important for the latter!

3 Benefits of Organising Your Seeds

You may wonder whether the effort is worth it but trust me, I write from experience!

Save Money

By organising your seed packets, you will know exactly which seeds you have at the beginning of the year. Therefore you will not end up buying more packets of the same seeds again, which happens when you don’t know what you already have. You will not want to end up having 10 packets of the same variety of seeds! Often we buy our favourite seeds without even realising we still have some viable seeds leftover from the previous year!

Save Time

Spring is an exciting and busy season. The last thing you need then is to feel frustrated with spending time looking for seeds that you need to sow. It becomes so easy to find the seeds that you are looking for once they are all organised!

No Waste

You will be able to find all out of date seeds in your collection. As gardeners we can become so busy that seeds can easily get wasted. However, these old seeds needn’t be thrown away as you can sow them on your windowsill for lots of microgreens! Vegetable seeds like radish, beetroot, lettuce and kale can give you the most delicious and nutritious little seedlings for your salads and soups.

How to Organise Your Seeds

Organising your Seeds for Gardening Beginners

When you first start gardening, you may have just a few packets of seeds. However you will need to know when to sow these seeds in the year. Some seeds are better sown in early spring, some in late summer or even autumn. There are others that you may like to sow every few weeks like beetroot so that you can have a longer lasting season!

So a container or an organiser with room for tabs works perfectly. This is a wooden seed organiser from the early days which I still use when spring arrives as it makes my sowing much easier. All hand made using recycled wood and card.


organising seeds box easy diy_grow-with-hema


organising your seeds easy diy make_grow-with-hema


I have the tabs for the first few months and then a Regular tab for those seeds that can be sown anytime or every few weeks. More on how to make this in my earlier wooden seed organiser

Organising Seeds for Seasoned Gardeners

This is where life can become a little frustrating, complicated and perhaps even overwhelming! As the years go by, you quickly become surrounded by seed packets and saved collections of seeds in bottles or paper envelopes. You may have a stash in this cupboard or that shelf, in the kitchen, this room or that shed! I have definitely been there and have found myself in the company of an eclectic bunch of tins. Tins which were once homes for chocolates and biscuits but now overflowing with seed packets!

The best way of organising my seeds at this stage, I found was to group them by the types of vegetables, herbs or flowers they were. So for example, I’d place all the tomato varieties together and bundle them up. Then store them in a box that has sections. If you have lots of packets of flowers and vegetables, you can have two separate boxes or all flower seeds stay in one and all vegetable ones stay in another.

Make your own seed organiser

I made my own organiser last year using a shoe box, and having a family member who wears an adult size 12 is perfect! Of course if you don’t know any friends with big feet then it’s always great to ask in any shoe shop. A larger box simply accommodates more packets.

seed organiser easy diy gardening tip_grow-with-hema

You can read all about how I made this organiser in my How to Organise Your Seeds post.

These are great for storing seeds indoors where it is not damp and safe from pests. However, if you were looking for seed organisers for the shed then, use a deep tin with a tight fitting lid. The sections can be then easily made with inserts like these in my cardboard shoe box.

Buy your seed organiser

There are several good seed organisers that you can also buy. They make great gifts and are life savers when it comes to the busy time of seed sowing in spring and summer!

I hope this has given you lots of ideas for your seed packets to have a new organised home … especially as you reach out for those tempting seed catalogues!

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