How to Organise Your Seeds – easy recycling project A great way to sort your seed packets for free

lots of different vegetable and flower seed packets scattered on a table top

I now have so many seed packets that when I try to look for one it takes me ages! As you can see I have lots of different tins and bags with a whole variety of seed packets in them. Spring will be approaching soon and before I buy any more seeds, I need to take stock of what I have. So I have decided to organise my seeds this weekend.

lots of different vegetable and flower seed packets scattered on a table top
So many seed packets that I forget what I have!

How to Organise your Seeds – make a seed organiser

How to Organise Your Seeds-grow-with-hema

I am using a shoe box and this is a large one, thanks to my son who clearly wears a very big size! I am also reusing card packaging from an online delivery.

First, I cut card to fit the length of the box. Then I cut 3 similar short ones to fit the width of the box. There are now 4 dividers ready for the organiser.

3 cards to fit the shorter sides of the box have been prepared

Now I cut slots into these dividers so that they can fit into each other. Into the long divider I have cut three slots with a pair of scissors – only part way. In the 3 shorter dividers, I have cut one slot in the middle of each one – again only part way.

a card is being cut with a scissors in the middle to make a notch
a long card and a short card are fitted together so that they fit where the slots have been cut

After this, I fit each short divider onto the longer divider using the cut slots. Once all the dividers have been fitted, I place this frame into the empty box and voila … there are now 8 sections for me to fill!

the long and short dividing cards have been fitted together and placed in the empty shoe box to make 8 sections
My shoe box is ready to fill with the seed packets

How I organised the packets in the box

I have sorted the seed packets into the 8 sections by their type. This means I’ll be able to find seeds quickly rather than rummaging through different tins and bags!

  • Tomato varieties
  • Chilli varieties
  • All the root vegetables like radishes and beetroot
  • All the summer vegetables like aubergines, courgettes and cucumbers
  • Legumes like the climbing beans and peas
  • Herbs – dill, parsley, basil and chives
  • Flowers – sunflowers, marigolds, zinnias and many more
  • Salads and greens – spinach beet, chard, kale, lettuce and pak choi
How to Organise Your Seeds-grow-with-hema
My organised seed packet box

Just to pop the lid on with a recycled string to complete the look. I feel so much more organised and ready to look at the seed catalogues now!

How to Organise Your Seeds-grow-with-hema
A great gift for myself this season

If you have a lot of seed packets waiting to be sorted, why not give this a go!

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