Organic Garden in Menorca

We travelled to Menorca for our summer holiday this year and it was so delightful to find an organic kitchen garden on the hotel grounds. I tend to seek out local markets and shops selling fresh produce when we are away from home because well that’s what I love to do! So this was comparable to a huge welcome gift for me as I had not expected it at all.

There were rows and rows of green peppers, fast becoming red ones in the Spanish heat! Little aubergines hung onto their plants while the larger ones were queuing up to be picked. Pretty lettuce heads were all lined up in neat rows, and these have certainly inspired me to grow these crisp greens in my kitchen garden. Strawberry plants were growing alongside basil and all these vegetables and herbs had irrigation lines running along them.

Chefs picked fresh ingredients from this garden to supply their kitchens … this was a dream for me. There were peppers and aubergines, both cooked in Spanish style on the menu during the time we stayed there, and they were yum!

Roadsides in Menorca had small curved planting areas on the pavements alongside the dry stonewalls, which had flowers and herbs planted in them. The one below had an impressive rosemary bush growing in it and slightly different in structure from the rosemary that I have in my garden, which has branches all curving upwards in a very neat fashion.

My favourite however were the gates in Menorca which a lot of homes and trails had. So beautiful and unique, made of wood from olive trees and said to be very long lasting.

Gates made of olive tree wood and the design so beautifully unique

Menorca is very peaceful, a place to pick if you want to relax and simply slow down, away from the traffic, city pollution, noise and the rush. A perfect retreat this summer filled with all my favourites, need I ask for more?

Beautiful and tranquil Menorca

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