New Plants in My Raised Beds

I am so excited to show you all the new green beings in my garden this season! Let’s start off with the broad beans and the peas both of which I have planted for the first time. The seeds were planted straight into the raised beds and they are growing magnificently. I did cover them with a plastic sheeting when we had a few nights of frost in late April but other than that they seem to be oblivious of the cooler temperatures.

Broadbeans planted from seeds in the raised beds are showing a great presence

The peas likewise have come on really well and their beautiful tendrils are reaching high ..time to sort out the support for them I think!

Pretty pea seedlings with their curly tendrils

Having a sunny day always helps with planting out seedlings that were started off indoors and these have been spending their time outdoors to harden them off. The cobra beans have spent several nights out and are ready for their journey to the raised beds.

Cobra beans waiting to be planted, the okra will have to wait a little while

Raised beds are great for planting as the soil is easy to control and very pliable, planting out seedlings becomes a doddle! The okra seedlings have been having their days out but I am not confident that the night temperatures at the moment will be supportive so they still sleep indoors in a cool porch.

Cobra beans in their final positions

The dwarf beans are a little late this year in being planted out as the late April nights have been frosty. If you look carefully, you may see the flowers and some very tiny beans forming. All this even before settling down in their raised bed!

Dwarf bean seedlings ever so late in being planted outdoors

Well, they are now the proud owners of this side of the raised bed recently vacated by the winter kale and purple sprouting broccoli! Of course, I have enriched the soil again with some composted farmyard manure in the hope for a great summer harvest.

Happier in their new raised beds now, can you see their tiny little bean pods?

The cucumber seedlings are having great days out but I will wait another week or so before I plant them out as warmer nights will definitely help them to settle outdoors. Also, it will give me time to figure out how I am going to create the support for them ..a trellis, an arch , oh the possibilities are endless!

The spinach and chard I planted last summer have given me great harvests over the colder winter and early spring months. Now as you can see they are beginning to bolt, which means the inner stalk is growing very tall and will soon flower.

Spinach and chard seedlings waiting for their turn

I will soon have to remove these plants and so in a very timely fashion I am now planting the new seedlings so that I have a continuous supply of one of my favourite salad leaves! Yes, I do love the fresh, crisp and green flavour of these dark young leaves in my salad.

New seedlings planted and the older plants which have started to bolt will soon be removed

Here’s hoping they all settle soon and … there are no frosty surprises!

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