My Own Microgreens

It’s that time of the year to plant seeds outdoors! My first two candidates this year are radishes and pak choi. I have planted radishes before with my children as they are quick croppers and a joy to harvest!  The seeds were planted a week ago and the seedlings have all popped through, which now need to be thinned meaning that you have to pull out some of the seedlings to allow room for the remaining ones to grow and set as full radishes.

Radish seedlings need to be thinned out to give space to those remaining

The pak choi seedlings are also showing their pretty foliage and they too need to be thinned so that the spacing between each plant is adequate for good growth. It’s my first time growing these greens and I am quite excited to see the result! They do like the cooler weather so it’s one vegetable that is enjoying this year’s disappointing spring weather.

Excited about my first planting of pak choi

Thinning is not a part of gardening that I enjoy, as just as the seedlings have germinated you have to then remove some of them. This year however, the thinned seedlings will be part of my microgreen salad so absolutely no waste and my meals will have some zest added to them!

Collecting all the thinned seedlings …heading straight for my kitchen and no waste!

So keeping some space between each plant that will be staying, I have pulled out smaller seedlings. I then simply trimmed the stringy roots and gave them a rinse in water. Microgreen salad straight from the kitchen garden and delicious with a light dressing of olive oil, fresh lime and a little seasoning, especially with my spring chive fritters!

Fresh and peppery microgreens so lovely with chive fritters

Why not pop a few seeds into a pot and harvest your own microgreens this spring!

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  1. What a delicious way to thin out your seedlings and enjoy the microgreens as well. Great photo’s too.

    1. Thank you Gena, they truly are lovely and no waste too!

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