My Green Window Sill

Growing herbs from seeds on my kitchen window sill is my next venture as up until now I have always bought herbs as plants in pots.

The herbs I have chosen to grow are basil of course, chives, Thai basil, parsley, tarragon and thyme. Yes I do agree, a great variety and why not? Herbs are a hidden gem when it comes to flavouring food …my favourite so far has been sweet basil and chives. That could change after I have tried the others so please watch this space!

Basil has been pretty easy to grow from seed so far and I would be reluctant to buy them as plants in future. Definitely one to try if you have never grown herbs before or use a lot of basil in your cooking or both. Simply follow the instructions on the seed packet!

Basil grown from seed sunbathing on my window sill

Next to all the basil are the chive seedlings, looking very spindly and long. These took a little longer to germinate and I am interested to see how they develop and taste, as the ones growing outside that I got from a friend a few years ago are particularly hardy and do not need much attention.

Chive seedlings on the left next to the basil

As you may remember, I was fascinated by the fact that basil could have a liquorice flavour and that led me to look for Thai basil seeds to plant this year. Well, I’m pleased to show you the beautiful Thai basil drinking in the sunshine and just waiting to be harvested. Exciting and yes it does have a wonderful aniseed/liquorice aroma when you rub the leaves!

Thai basil has grown beautifully indoors, ready to be harvested

Parsley, thyme and tarragon are the new kids on the block on my kitchen window sill. I have used parsley before but always bought a plant each year and love using bunches of it in falafel. Thyme is a new flavour that I am rapidly falling in love with after buying it as a plant last year. I hope the seeds offer some sturdy plants too for me to use in my cooking. Tarragon is a completely new one for me and I am looking forward to tasting it and exploring recipes!

Parsley, thyme and tarragon making their entrance into my kitchen!

Isn’t gardening fun! Just a few recycled pots and tubs, a little compost, some seeds …and away you go. Which herb will you try growing?

My very green kitchen window sill!

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