My First Big Summer Harvest

This summer’s biggest harvest from my kitchen garden boasts of happy times! The peas that I planted outdoors in my raised beds from seed are looking so pretty and dare I say hidden amongst the green of the foliage. A lot of pods were popped just there and then and the sweet peas eaten on the spot by my family ..this is one vegetable that has been so easy to grow and harvest, so if you have never tried it before, have a go as it will not disappoint!

Gorgeous pods of peas ready for picking!

What can I say about the jalepenos that I also planted from seed indoors and then moved outdoors when the weather got a little warmer with no danger of frost. These look majestic and too beautiful on the plant to be picked but they are ready for harvesting now. They are more flowers on the plant so that once the first two are picked, I am sure of many more. My daughter is certainly going to be doing the chilli dance!

Jalepenos also ready for my kitchen

Some more beetroot, broad beans and the second wave of radishes are all in full bloom too and have joined the peas and jalepenos in my kitchen ready for a wash. Such a moment of pride, I cannot describe!

Beautiful first harvest of beetroot, radishes, peas, broad beans and jalepenos!

These have all been very easy to grow from seed and surprisingly requiring very little attention and care. Which of these might you be tempted to grow?

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