More Sunshine, More Seeds

With March becoming warmer, it beckons for more spring planting indoors and with the sun shining this week I cannot resist starting more of my seeds off! I have Chard, Perpetual Spinach and Dwarf Beans that I planted last year and have had such success that I am looking forward to some more harvests this summer.


Ones to try if you are starting out – Perpetual Spinach and Chard
Dwarf Beans are undemanding, hope the same is true of the Climbing Beans!

Added to this collection, I have decided this year to try the Climbing Bean Cobra variety after it was highly recommended for beginners. Let’s wait and see how it grows.

I love basil and last year I bought a beautifully grown plant for my raised bed and it fared so well. This year, I have bought two varieties of basil seeds to plant indoors and see if I can keep some on my windowsill and some for my raised bed.

Love Basil and trying out the standard one as well as the Thai variety

There has to be Cucumber and Courgette featuring this year after the success I had last year with the seedlings that my friend Phil gave me to try out. I only had one Cucumber and one Courgette seedling but they did so well and the harvest was so impressive …and so tasty!

A touch of the tropical with Soya Beans and Okra with the Cucumber and Courgette

There has to be a touch of the tropical as always and I am trying the Soya Beans and Okra (my daughter’s favourite) again. Last year I grew a few plants of each but with too much rain and being overshadowed by the massive leaves of the Courgette plant, I feel they didn’t get a fair chance. So here’s for a second try with lessons learnt!

Having armed myself with simple tools like a shallow plastic bowl to empty the seed compost in, a hand trowel, a small watering can and lots of trays and pots I begin sowing my seeds. Some of these containers are recycled mushroom containers with holes made at the bottom for good drainage. Amongst them are also module trays that I bought years ago but also used ones in which my kale and leek seedlings came in last autumn from the garden centre. I’d like to add here that if you are new to gardening, you don’t need any fancy equipment to start! You only need to make sure that your containers are clean and have good drainage.

All seeds sown on  a lovely sunny afternoon …ready for indoor windowsills and cosy corners!

I have made the plant labels by cutting out short strips from an old plastic yoghurt pot on which you can easily write with a permanent pen. I find this works so well as I did the same last spring as well.

Cut the top and bottom off from a plastic yoghurt pot
Cut out strips from the middle section


Write labels with a permanent marker pen

Now just the small task of finding windowsills and warm corners for the trays and tubs to live in for the next few weeks ..for friends and family who are visiting, you may need to hop, skip and jump as there may be seedlings everywhere!!

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